10 Tips to Take Note When Buying Used Cars

Investing into things may it be a house, gadgets or used cars takes time to decide whether you will be pushing on buying it. Things to consider and tips to ponder on from people you know about the investment you are about to make. Especially on buying investment that requires you to put in a quite amount of money for it.


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Here are some ten tips before buying used cars.

  1. Choice of car model that you like

Choosing a car can be time consuming. One time you will like this and the next thing you will like a different one. Try to see yourself on what you will be driving so it can be easier to choose which car you buy. It will always start once you have chosen a car not unless you’ve reach this stage, it would be a waste to go on the rest of the things to do on buying a car if you keep changing mind.

  1. Prioritize your safety at all times

Unlike brand new car which has all the latest safety features, a used car may be really outdated when it can to its security. In choosing a car, always have your safety a priority at all times. You can’t buy out your safety or your life per say because you want to save a couple of bucks on buying a car.

  1. Background check

Once you have chosen a car model, always have the time to research the owner of the car just to make sure you are dealing with a legit person and a legit car. Go for a background check if the car has pending fees to be paid or legal things that come with it.

  1. Check engine number

Verify the engine number if it matches with that of the car document. Always make sure to check and verify the registration document and make sure it has not been change or tampered by any means.

  1. Check for collision or accident damage

The car may look good but you will never know if it has gone through any accident, minor or a big one. Always check the sides of the cars or keep probing the owner about the car condition.

  1. Check the odometer

The mileage matters if you a buy a used car. If the mileage is too low, it may be altered. If the mileage is too high on the other hand, always give it a second thought. Match the mileage on the condition of the car. Worn pedal breaks can be an indication that the car has been used that much.

  1. Go for a test drive

Once you have done your preliminary research and inspection for the car, always go for a test drive so you can feel how well is the condition of the car yourself.

  1. Put things into writing

If you feel like it would be a good deal that you will be having for the car,ask the owner to put things into writing. The downside of not having one, the owner or you can always claim that a certain important conversation didn’t happen or you might be missing a deal that the owner gave to you and may have alter it instead. Better put out everything into writing.

  1. Always check the documents

Check car documents carefully. Check for tampered documents or if anything on it has been altered. Verify documents in the car registry to make sure everything is legit.

10 . Check the contract before signing

Once you have everything in writing, review the contract before signing it and always have a witness on signing the contract.


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