First Look: Starr Burger Shack In Franklin Square

By: Ben Kessler, posted May 8, 2009 at 9:00 am

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Word spread quickly last month when Starr Restaurants Catering announced they would be partnering with Historic Philadelphia, Inc. to open a concession stand in the park at Franklin Square. The plan is to offer burgers, fries and shakes along with other items to visitors of the family friendly park. Currently, a temporary location has been set up in a tent at the center of the square, and we went to investigate.

In its current form, the “Starr Shack”, as we lovingly call it, is very unassuming. A large banner hanging above reads “Franklin Square – Food & Drinks” but the menu posted outside boasts the Starr Restaurants logo. The menu options are limited for now, a hamburger, 100% Kosher beef hot dog and “Philly Dog” (the former wrapped in salami), chips, Jack and Jill brand ice creams and beverages. The staff on hand emphasized that when the full blown stand is opened in mid-summer, the menu will change drastically with an emphasis on specialty burgers.To get a better of idea of what’s to come, we ordered a cheeseburger with everything on it. The $4.75 affair, was priced right for the setting, but was in no way similar to other extravagant burgers offered at Starr restaurants like Barclay Prime and Butcher & Singer. A thick, hand molded, juicy patty sits atop chopped pickles and onions and is topped with cheese on a potato bun. At the time, the staff couldn’t fill us in on the meat blend or the cheese used.

Based on the crowd that visits Franklin Square, mostly young families, we don’t expect to see an over the top menu. Still, no details have been released so we won’t make a judgment call just yet, but we would be happy to see the Starr Shack live up to the anticipation.

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