Funky Lunch: My Dad’s Sandwich Can Beat Your Dad’s Sandwich

By: Jeff Vogel, posted Aug 10, 2009 at 9:00 am

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Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and no measure of pleading, bargaining or reasoning can convince them to taste something they’ve decided they don’t want to eat.  Some kids are placated by simply removing the crust from a sandwich; others need a little extra cajoling.  Enter Mark Northeast, a web designer and dad in the UK who has come up with a delightful and creative solution that has kids and parents looking at food in a whole new way.

Mark made his first Funky Lunch in May after picking up his son from pre-school.  There’s nothing like a rocket-shaped sandwich to transform a grumpy kid from “I don’t want to eat,” to “More please!”  As the weeks went on, Mark’s lunch creations grew in scope and complexity.  His sandwich art now includes animals (giraffe, lion, pig, caterpillar), cartoon characters (Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Nemo, Sid), Pac-Man, and even a grand piano.  Funky Lunch is now on Facebook and Twitter, and Mark has been contacted by publishers looking to expand his vision and bring his incredible sandwich creations to a broad audience.

I’ve become a bit obessed by it all and believe I can actually do some good with it.  My mind starting racing thinking of not only new sandwich ideas but also how I can mass market this in a positive way. My son now eats tomato because of Funky Lunch, he ate Spongebobs Tie and is now happy to eat tomatoes, provided they don’t look like a tomato (ok so we can work on that)!

Some people think I’m a bit mad at the idea of creating these sandwiches especially with the effort that goes into some of them, but I believe even the simplest ones will have an effect on a child not wanting to eat, so why not try.

Funky Lunches are adorable and brilliant, but clearly a labor of love and not for the average mom or dad who can barely spread the peanut butter on bread fast enough.  But if you are looking for a way to get your kid to try new foods, look no further than Funky Lunch for inspiration.  But be warned: your kids may never eat a regular sandwich again.

Funky Lunch Sandwich Design

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  • carmen

    This is awesome!! I love this idea and will make one soon for my soon who is really picky to eat vegetables :)

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