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By: Mikey Il, posted Apr 13, 2010 at 9:00 am

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We don’t typically post about fast food here on Unbreaded. This post will be atypical and unusual. Full disclosure: I have an odd fascination with fast food unicorns. They’re the mythical creatures of the commercial dining world. I enjoy the novelty of limited or rare offerings. I remember going out on Burger King crawls just so I could catch the remaining Western Whopper or Rodeo Cheeseburger before they reached the end of their limited runs. By the time Homer Simpson was chasing down the Krusty Ribwich, I had already lived a whole lifetime of chasing down limited, rare or new fast food offerings. Even when I was in LA a few months ago, I had to snag a McRib after being delighted by it’s return to the menu.

When news started surfacing about the reality of KFC’s Double Down, I knew I’d be trying it. There was no question. Touted as “man’s greatest achievement or evidence of our civilization’s impending doom” by The Consumerist, the Double Down employs humanity’s own curiosity as a passive marketing tool.

The sandwich is simple. It’s bacon, pepper jack and swiss cheese and “Colonel’s Sauce.” The game changer? Instead of bread, customers have the option for either fried or grilled chicken patties of the Colonel’s Original Recipe.

Casting aside the validity of this item really being a sandwich or not, I’ll just give a summation of the experience. The chicken taste was a bit overpowering to the point where it actually contested the bacon’s inherent supreme power. Pepper Jack is a favorite cheese of mine, and coupled with the Colonel’s Sauce (likely to be just mayonnaise with random spices), I was able to bear the swiss cheese – which is one I simply don’t really enjoy. I did miss the bread though. Without it, there was absolutely no veil for the obviously expected greasiness and saltiness.

In summation, I’ll quote my friend Mikey Doc (who actually beat me in trying the sandwich out even before I did), “My god, that was the most American thing I’ve ever eaten.”

Now I wonder, is this ‘sandwich’ the first of its kind to be marketed as unbreaded?

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  • Ruby

    Scary what this “sandwich” says about the American diet

  • burgerbaroness

    I love this!

  • Julia Hays

    I understand substituting lettuce for bread to be healthy (like In-N-Out), but substituting chicken for bread seems to serve no purpose. If I'm going to consume a daily intake of calories on a sandwich, give me the bread.

  • jmanDMC

    Wow – I mean…wow. Great article, and I admire your bravery in trying it. You'll feel it the next morning. :)

  • Dennis

    lol there are so many double down haters out there. it is no more or less healthy than a quarter pounder with cheese or a whopper. and it probably has the least amount of calories of any sandwich with bacon in it.

    think outside the bun. errr….

  • Mikey

    Additionally: at least two more customers ordered the sandwich while I was there.

  • Patrick J

    Not to condemn or condone this sandwich or anything but here are the nutritional facts…

    Per the KFC nutrition guide,
    Grilled variety is 460 calories with 23 grams of fat (9 grams saturated), 61 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs, 1430 mgs of sodium
    Regular version is 540 calories with 32 grams of fat (10 grams saturated), 53 grams of protein, 11grams of carbs, 1380 mgs of sodium

    In terms of fast food specifically (and minus the salt) this isn't that unhealthy of a sandwich. Especially, if you on the low carb, high protein kick…

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