6 Guiding Tips for an Effective Celebrity Marketing

Famous people especially the celebrities have always been very good salesman.  Showing the public a familiar face is one of the easiest and fastest methods for companies to make brand representations in the minds of the consumers.  When a widely loved actress or a famous athlete endorses a brand or a product, it would immediately be famous and gain credibility.

Here are some guiding tips to be efficient in employing celebrity endorsements:

1. Prepare the layout for celebrity marketing.

Plan for the best and get ready for the worst.  As part of the process in celebrity endorsements, consider the celebrity’s past history in terms of behavior, reputation, personality issues or past criminal history.  Also include asking around other people who have been affiliated previously with them.  Delve into the celebrity’s past life, their personal program and helpful nature.  Look after your agreement with guiding principles, giving the celebrity procurement a suitable termination term or if there’s going to be any money reimbursement involved.

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2. Expand your information.

Performing a thorough research on the probable celebrity is a must.  Celebrity-awareness is the top on the list but do not let it overrule you.  Quantifiable measures like the ones from Q-Scores or E-poll may give a relevant point of reference but they cannot be the only basis for your research.  It is also evenly important to take note of the qualitative factors like the celebrity’s affiliation to the current brand they’re promoting, their current project and their eagerness to endorse the message and involve in the focal elements of the celebrity marketing program.

3. The Influencers vs. Celebrities.

Accept and take into considerations all possible celebrities, including those non-conventional celebrities with the likes of stylists, nutritionists, doctors, chefs, etc.  Since they are referred to as experts in their respective fields, these influencers have an integral authoritative level of trustworthiness and conviction.

4. Every celebrity marketing is different.

No two deals are alike.  It’s important to know what the celebrity trigger point is.  To begin with, celebrities are character-driven and are used to charming or appealing situations on the turf, so they may be keen to lessen their price to win the deal in getting the spot from the celebrity procurement.  Hollywood talent fixate on the press release and the creative stuff, as celebrity endorsements is all about good image which gives a great impact on their next on-camera break.  Chefs and musicians have books and music to sell, so the same strategies that will help them advance their profile will even be a greater deal for the celebrities.

5. Think of tomorrow.

Think of the future not just what is happening in the moment.  Procure talents who you think the media will want to know more when your celebrity endorsement will launch.  It is a very important strategy to have an effective celebrity marketing.

6. Time is wealth.

Time is very precious.  It’s equivalent to money.  Fee interest and consideration in celebrity procurement is frequently based on how much time the program needs to run the celebrity marketing.  Think artistically about how the talent can be integrated in celebrity endorsements in a short period of time, would increase their probability of participating.


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