If you are a recent or soon to be mother or father than undoubtedly you have heard or read about the craze that is going on right now with baby warp carriers. Using a stylish cloth to wrap your baby to your body has a number of easily noted advantages. For starters, these baby wraps are quickly replacing the strollers that we once used and which could be unimaginably expensive. The cost difference between a stroller and a baby wrap can hover in the hundreds of dollars. There is also the fact that many parent like the baby wrap because they are able to get around town with their baby, while staying hands free. Pushing a stroller along or a portable baby crib can really make your day difficult. To top it all off, the baby carrier wraps are really popular today partly because they have become an often seen item in the celebrity news circle. Sites like www.sollybaby.com have started to sell their wraps to some of the most important names on the A list. Everyone from movie stars to world class athletes and politicians have started to pop up in the news holding their babies in a baby wrap. The baby wrap has been so popular it has even made appearances on talk shows. With all the attention the baby wrap system has been receiving, child care professionals have started to take a closer look at the system, and a number of extra pluses have been discovered that you might not know about. Below are a few of the findings about baby wraps.

Carrying your baby close to your body with a baby wrap system might promote a healthier mood for your child. Children come into this world after having spent 9 months in the most comfortable place for them in the world; their mother’s womb. Using a baby wrap keeps the child in a snug, close proximity to the mother, and may help the child adjust more gradually to life in the big world. The calmer a child’s mood can be kept, might make his or her first months in the world more pleasant, something that some child care professionals have linked to a better temperament in children as they develop. Some doctors even recommend the wrap as the best baby carrier for mothers with fussy children as a possible solution to some of the baby’s mood issues.

Another study suggests babies who are carried tightly to their parents are at lower risk of sickness in the early stages of life. Parents expose their little ones to some germs and bacteria which are needed for babies to develop a resistance to them in their young systems. Prolonged periods of time spent close to a parent may help that process to move more quickly. In parts of the country where the climate is harsher than other, the baby wrap also help to keep the child from exposure to the outside temperatures, yet another possible link behind the lower instance of child sickness in babies that are carried in a wrap.


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