One of the most surprising facts about urinalysis for most people is the diversity of different things which UA tests can be used to find. People generally think of UA tests as something which are given in order to detect the use of illicit drugs, and while that is certainly a big part of UA’s purpose, there are many other things which urine tests are used for today. Companies like, www.gulfdiagnostics.com, have started offering advanced urine testing which can indicate if a person has some sort of illness that their doctor is trying to determine. Until recently, blood tests have been the only means for detecting different illnesses in the body, but as urine testing has become more advanced, it has started to replace blood tests in many cases. Urine testing is obviously preferred by the majority of patient’s, and doctors are discovering things which can be seen in the urine which might not be seen in blood tests. Using blood tests to find many different kinds of illnesses is still a vital part of a doctor’s examination tools, but urine testing is moving forward and may one day replace blood testing all together.

Urine drug testing is a requirement of all government employees. Most people don’t know that since the late 70’s, anyone employed by the government has to undergo drug testing when they are hired, and randomly throughout their employment. UA testing became a requirement for government employees after a number of high profile cases came to light which indicated government workers abusing their positions while under the influence of illegal drugs. The lawmakers decided that there had to be measures created to avoid drug use within the government, and therefore passed a law requiring all government employees to have drugs tests. The new drug testing requirement was met with some surprise at the time, but it has proved itself to be an excellent tool in making sure people in the government are held to a higher standard.

Another fact about urine analysis which many people might find interesting is that it has helped save companies billions of dollars over the last ten years. UA testing has only recently been adopted as a standard practice by most companies, but since it was placed into action it has made a major difference for businesses all across the nation. Drug testing has saved companies from losing it all when an employee of theirs was indicated in some accident while under the influence of drugs. All a company needs in order to avoid being held liable during a lawsuit involving their employee is produce records which show that said employee was being tested for drugs while working for their company. In addition, UA testing has kept uncountable numbers of drug users from being hired into a company. People who use illegal drugs are not only less productive than other workers; they are also far more likely to be involved in some incident which could disrupt work for all people within a company. UA tests are essential for companies that want to make sure their staff is clean and clear headed on the job.

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