A Window Installation Horror Story

Wayne is a young handyman from a rural town in eastern Colorado. Everything he knows about fixing this comes from the knowledge and experience his father taught him as he was growing up. He recently decided to buy an old run-down house in town for a really great price. He sure did get a steal, but the work that needed to be done on the place was a bit overwhelming for just a handyman. window installationWayne wasn’t ready to swallow his pride and began working anyway. He was managing pretty well until it came time for window replacements. He had never worked with windows before and wasn’t sure where to seek help. He asked a friend and together they came up with their own window replacements with simple wood sidings they made themselves. Everything looked alright, but when they went to install each window, they realized the measurements were a bit off. Not enough that anyone would notice at least, so they kept working.

Wayne finished up with his house after two years of working and finally had things the way he wanted. He had forgotten all about the windows. He decided to move out of his rental property and settle in to the newly finished house in October. In the end, Wayne truly realized the importance of proper window installation after his heating bills were through the roof all winter and he still found himself shivering at night. It wasn’t long before Wayne planned a trip to Denver to visit with professionals who have been acknowledged for their valued service and quality product in window replacements.

This team of professionals informed Wayne of all the facts he would need to improve the window installments in his home. He was ecstatic to find out about how certain types of siding can be more energy efficient than others because of the way they hold warm air inside and keep cold drafts from seeping in from outside. He was very drawn to vinyl siding options because of the low costs and overall durability. It has been proven to stand strong against wind, rain and hail for several years without any necessary maintenance or repairs. He also learned about different kinds of wood used for wood siding on windows and realized very quickly that with the weather out in rural Colorado, wood might not be a great idea. The snow and rain causes wood to absorb moisture and shift the way it fits around the window. Holding the moisture in can also make the window physically feel cooler and cause heat to escape. Once Wayne became aware that so many of the problems he experienced over the winter were due to his poor window installation. If he had just taken more time to learn about the necessary steps for good window replacement, he could have saved a lot of money on his heating bills. He also would have been far more comfortable during those breezy and cold winter nights. Next time, Wayne will certainly reach out to the professionals before he tries to do it himself!

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