Assessing Yourself before Deciding to Undergo Lasik Surgery

The millions of people who suffer from eye problems or refractive errors to be more specific, find solutions in wearing corrective lenses found in glasses or contacts so that they can see a lot more clearly. But there are times when wearing glasses or contacts can be a nuisance. For one, there is a chance of losing them rendering one basically blind without them. That is why those who seek another solution turn to eye surgery. One of the most common forms of eye surgery to correct vision is Lasik Surgery which involves reshaping the patient’s cornea with a laser.

Lasik Surgery

Eye surgery

In general, lasik eye surgery is actually quite safe and eye surgeons always make sure to be within the right safety parameters so as to not put the patient in danger and prevent any future complications arising from surgery. However, not everyone who is suffering from a refractive eye error can undergo lasik eye surgery. There are things which may prevent a person from doing so. So today, we are going to talk about the questions you should ask yourself to assess whether you should undergo lasik eye surgery.

1.) Am I age appropriate for the procedure? – Technically, there aren’t any set rules when it comes to age appropriateness when undergoing lasik eye surgery but you obviously cannot let a young child undergo a procedure such as that. People under the age of 18 may not yet have stable enough vision to undergo Lasik Surgery while seniors are at a greater chance of developing other eye complications.

2.) Am I suffering from any health problems that affect healing? – Healing is very important after the surgical procedure so that the eyes can regenerate itself after being hit with a laser. If you suffer from any autoimmune diseases you might want to put off undergoing lasik eye surgery since it may have a negative effect and prevent your eyes from properly healing.

3.) Do I have keratoconus? – Keratoconus is actually an eye disease which has a negative effect on the cornea. People who suffer from keratoconus have a weaker cornea and also have an abnormally curved cornea. An eye surgeon will usually test your eyes for any complications but if you know that you suffer from this problem consider turning to other treatments or just stick with corrective lenses.

4.) Do I do strenuous activities? – In order for your eyes to properly heal, you need to be able to rest and relax for a certain time period until your eyes have properly regenerated. If you are currently active in strenuous sports or martial arts you should consider putting off for a time when you have undergone lasik eye surgery so that your body gets enough rest to allow your eyes to heal properly.

5.) Do I have any job restrictions? – Right after undergoing Lasik Surgery you might not get clear vision immediately. This might be a hindrance to your job especially if you have to accomplish tasks that require good vision and focus so make sure you consult with your boss first.

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