Battery life got you down? Try these tablet repairs to rejuvenate your iPad.

After a while, it seems like all devices give up the ghost a bit. They may still work for the most part, but you start noticing that your battery life wears out after a while. If you are good to your tablet and do not constantly take it to the store for repairs, you probably won’t need any repairs for the first three to four years of your tablet’s life. Indeed, after these first few years of usage, you will find that the first thing to go (if you have been treating your iPad well) is the battery life. Indeed, many people complain that although Apple and Samsung tablets seem preferable to other tablets on the market, the battery life of these devices leaves a lot to be desired.

So, if you love your tablet but you are stuck with battery related tablet repair issues, you might wonder if there are any options for you in order to keep your tablet but solve the battery problems that are plaguing you. Indeed, there are often a few things you can to ensure that your battery life stays stronger for longer, though it does require being a little more thoughtful when working with your devices. For example, the biggest thing to change the way your battery life lasts is to jump in and out of settings in order to enable and disengage features that suck up a lot of your battery power. The Wifi and Bluetooth features on your device are two great examples of this. It is usually very convenient to keep these features engaged at all times. However, if you hope to let your battery power last for longer, turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth when they are not being used. This is keep your battery power stronger for longer, especially because these features can really drain your battery life. Plus, these settings are easy to manage and aren’t hidden is some submenu.

Utilizing airplane mode when you do not need data service can also be a great way to easily cut down on battery use. Disabling data connectivity when you don’t need it means that your battery life will be extended significantly, as your phone won’t be searching for a connection when there is none to be found. Turning off notifications similarly will preserve your battery, as your tablet takes a lot of energy to notify you with all of your varying notifications, if you have quite a few. The device also constantly looks for notifications on network servers if you have these settings enabled, which also drains the battery.

The key to remember with any iPad repair issue, battery related or not is that your device is only a machine. It can only be asked to perform so many tasks before the power runs out. Do what you can to reduce your energy use so that your battery is kept in the best possible condition and so that your device lasts a lot of longer. This will keep you from spending lots of money on replacements and repairs as well!

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