1. At cornerstone Christian schools the teachers are encouraged to take their kids out of the classroom as frequently as they can. It has already been proven that kids learn subjects in many different ways. Some students have a very visual way f learning, and for those children reading and seeing a teacher work out a problem in class may be the best way to learn a subject. Other students have a more hands on style of learning, which means they pick up new concepts better when they are able to see them put in action in real life. For the hand on type learners, the more chances they have to get out of the classrooms, the better their quality of education will be. In Cornerstone schools the teachers are asked to plan as many field trips out of the classroom as they can each year. Students are often taken to workplaces, museums and ecological sites where they can see the concepts they learn in class put into action in the real world. Field trips are also a big advantage because they help break up the day to day routine which can cause some students to lose interest in class. A few trips off school grounds each year can go a long way towards keeping young people engaged in their school work. People that want to read more info on Cornerstone’s off campus programs can do so at
  2. Cornerstone schools provide some religious studies for their students, so kids learn all about spiritual life along with other standard topics. Many parents struggle with the challenge of getting their kids into more faith based programs. For a lot of families, the only time the kids get to be around church run facets and learn about religious matters is at Sunday school. Sunday school is a great way to get kids to learn about some of the most important parts of the bible, yet just one day a week is not close to enough time for a young child to properly learn all they should about religious matters. At Christian school San Antonio, the kids receive a little bit of religious study work each day as they attend their normal classes. Student s that graduate from Cornerstone schools know far more about spiritual matters than those that graduate from normal public schools, and that knowledge can be a great help to them for the rest of their lives.
  3. Private schools like Cornerstone have better meal programs for their kids. The food situation at public schools has a lot of serious problems. The state still isn’t sure how they can provide their students with cost friendly and nutritious meals, so at many public schools the students are still subjected to eating less than healthy food items. Kids that eat poorly at school are far more likely to eat poorly out of school as well. Cornerstone schools provide their children with healthy, balanced meals that help their bodies grow, as well as teaching them the importance of good eating.