Being available when the clients are in need is perhaps the most important of all the qualities which make for a good locksmith. Here in Denver we are lucky enough to have many good locksmith services right in the city. Online sites such as, can have a locksmith out to a home or automobile in the greater Denver area in less than two hours. In fact Denver is a great place to get locked out of your home, or to lose your keys in because it has some of the top locksmiths in the country. Locksmith Denver reviews by local users are always above the 90 percent mark, with most people reporting that the locksmith they called had someone out to their site within the hour. Sadly, in larger cities where there is a massive demand on locksmiths, the industry leaders sometimes take advantage of the demand to leave their clients hanging for longer than appropriate amounts of time. In many big cities locksmiths feel that there are always so many people in need of locksmiths so they can give them long wait times and they will have no other alternative than to wait. In reality, no matter what city you live in, there should hardly ever be a situation in which your locksmith asks you to wait for assistance for more than four hours. In the case that you call a locksmith that asks you to wait for assistance for more than a few hours, just tell them that it is too long a wait and that you will seek the services of another company. If enough people start to demand faster services from their local locksmiths, they will eventually get the picture and begin offering quicker response times.

Another thing to look for in a locksmith service is a company that sends its people out to jobs with the best new tools. While it may seem that locksmiths always use pretty much the same tools, in fact the lock industry puts out hundreds of new tools for locksmiths each year. Better tools can mean overall better locksmith services. New tools are designed to cause less damage to locks than previous models, and the work can also be done faster with the advanced new lock opening tools. When it comes to creating new keys to replaced lost ones there are now amazing machines that are about the size of a bible and which can create a new key for a car in less than five minutes. Locksmiths that don’t stay up on new gear may be providing an outdated service to their customers.

Lastly, but certainly very importantly, the locksmith that comes to aid you in your time of need should be friendly and personable. The chances are that if you are locked out of your car or home, you are having a pretty bad day. The least a locksmith can do when he comes to give you a hand is offer a little understanding, and perhaps a little smile to brighten your day.