Cheap Landscaping Designs and Plans for your Yard

Landscaping can be an expensive project, you have to buy quality plants, lay out the foundations in the area and add some functional aspects to the landscape. However, with the right planning and preparation, you can some money in landscaping. Here is a guide to help you landscape design your yard:

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  1. Take not of your choices – Even though hardscapes look beautiful, they can be quite costly. The different examples you may find are patios, decks, arbors, and gazebos. These come at a bigger price that you anticipate. However, you can make use of recycled materials like bricks, wood, and concrete to create some simple hardscapes without spending.
  2. Ask for some plants you can use from your friends – When you are starting your landscape design, you can ask your friends and family for some plants you can use. You can divide and propagate these plants so that you won’t even have to buy plants for the landscape.
  3. Plant in large groups – It is recommended you plant in groups to make the maintenance more simple and help them look like they grow in a natural setting. Don’t just settle for plating them in threes, go with groups of twenty and up.
  4. Purchase some perennials – You may see many beautiful annuals put up for display on the shelves inside the shop. However, you should set your mind for the future. Annuals have to be replaced annually (hence the name) since they die. Purchasing of annual plants is the fastest way to exceed expenses in landscaping. Instead you should buy some perennials. These plants cost much cheaper and they can get more attractive over the years.
  5. Buy some large pots – Take note that the pot carries your plants so you will want some good ones to use. Buy some large pots to plant in. Although they are more expensive, smaller pots will be difficult to maintain and they don’t look good in a landscape. Small pots are only suitable for the windowsill or tabletop. If you are going to put the pot against large spaces, get large ones to highlight them. Just 2-3 large pots that have different plants can look good in any kind of landscape design.
  6. Make use of some boulders – See if you can find large rocks that occur naturally within your state. Instead of buying some rocks to put in your landscape, make use of these ones for free. You might even find some good-looking ones in construction sites. You should also know that a native rock will look much better in your landscape as opposed to rocks you can buy that don’t fit in at all. Three to four rocks laid out near the hardscapes will suffice.
  7. Purchase some trees first – Once you have the budget for your landscape project, it is advised you buy some trees with it first. When laying out and building the landscape, trees shoul be the first thing that is there before any other things you put. Don’t’ be afraid to spend a little extra for higher quality trees.

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