Choosing a Harley-Davidson in 7 Easy Steps

Deciding to buy a Harley-Davidson is probably not something you would do one a whim. Unless of course you have money to spare but chances you save just enough to buy that boke you have long dreamed about. Here we list 10 steps to follow in order to get the right bike for you.



  1. The first step is clearly to know what the body type of the bike is. There are different types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. An easy way would be to go to a dealer like Sun Harley-Davidson in Denver. They have a website you can visit at
  1. Once you have the body type in mind the next step is to choose the color. You can visit your nearest dealership or go the official website. The choice of color can be something that matches with the body type or it can be one that matches your personality. You are after all the one driving it. Ask if the color is available.
  1. Of course seeing a product online and getting to try it out are two different things. This is where the dealerships come in handy. You can visit one to see what it looks like up close. If they consent you can try to ask if it is okay to sit on it. When sitting, try to take note of how far is the rear end of the bike to the floor. The key is that you should be able to bend your knees while riding a Harley-Davidson. Too low may mean that your knees will hit the pavement. Too high, like at chest level, may not be comfortable for you.
  1. Once seated also check if the seats are comfortable. Just remember that the smaller the model the smaller the seat. You would want something that is very pleasing to sit. You wouldn’t want a sore bum after a long ride right?
  1. Since we’re already on the topic of sitting on the Harley-Davidson, check if you are able to life the bike easily from the kick stand. If you have trouble lifting on the model you want then maybe you should go for a smaller one. You also don’t want something that you can lift very easily as it may cause problems later.
  1. Finally once you have chosen the right model for you, it is time to talk about Harley-Davidson accessories. Do you want it to have an extra seat? Would you like a windshield or even a saddlebag?

Of course it is a given that you need to ask for the price. If it seems high then maybe forego accessories for now and have it installed later.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest dealership and inquire about Harleys. If you’re in the Denver, CO, area, go and visit Sun Harley-Davidson as they are one of the best there is.

Riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles aren’t just about showing people that you can but it is also a statement of who you are and what you have accomplished.

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