Choosing Engagement Rings: Antique vs. Modern

You’ve decided it’s time to up your relationship and buy a diamond ring for you girlfriend. The thing with engagement rings is that you can’t just go to the nearest store and pick the first thing that suits your fancy. Well, that is still possible but wouldn’t doing that make it less special. You would want the ring not just to fit and look good on your soon–to–be fiancée, but you probably would also want it to fit the mood. Anyone can buy a ring from the jewelry store but to buy something memorable is a different thing altogether.

Though are many categories you can choose to get the right one among the many engagement rings in the market, the first decision would have to be if you will buy one that has more of an antique look or the modern one.

Let’s start with antiques. We people hear the word antique it is often associated with something old. That does not mean however that it is not stunning. Many have found that antiques can do the trick. There have been engagements that used rings that were handed down from generation to generation. However if you do not have any good engagement rings from your grandmother then the next best thing would be to buy from a good jeweller. One great advantage of buying an antique ting is that the diamond used will be of higher quality. This is not to say that modern rings do not have the same quality. Generally an antique ring is somewhere in the area of 50 years or more.

However if you cannot afford to buy authentic antique rings, a good alternative would be one that has a vintage feel to it. It can look a bit like an antique ring but without the expense.

Now let’s go to the modern rings. Unlike the antique rings, they may have a simpler design but the design has that modern flare. With modern engagement rings, you can be more flexible since you can also use different stones. Many people today have gone with rubies or even sapphires. You want a diamond? You can also choose different colors. The only problem with modern rings is that after a few years it may not become that stylish. However after 20 to 30 years though your modern ring will eventually becoming an antique one.

The good news for you is that regardless of what style you decide to go with, many if not most, are available in many stores. One good store is Ari Diamonds located in Layton, UT. They have many selections for either vintage or modern rings. You can drop by their showroom or visit their website at

Getting engaged takes some planning. There are many ways to go about it but it all ends with the girl getting the ring. This means that you need to take time to not just carefully plan how to give it but also what kind it is you want to give. To get the best when it comes to engagement rings, go check out Ari Diamonds.


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