Choosing the Dimension of Your Window Drapes

Choosing window drapes, as one of the preferred window treatments for most posh residences, is not just choosing the fabric and color.  The dimensions play a key.

You can get your floor to ceiling height and window width from your house architect but if you only bought your house or you’re just renting a space, you need to take out that tape measure.


Where should you mount your window drapes?

Before we proceed to how long your window drapes should be, you should decide on how high up and high wide you want them to be mounted.

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Hanging Above the Frame

Granting that your windows are not French and your windows sit low from your ceiling, opt for mounting the four to six inches above your window frame. Without having to be anal about the precise measurement, you can also let it sit halfway between the ceiling molding and your window frame.

Hanging It Wide

Having a wide panel of drapes even when you open your window can make your window look grander.

Do this by extending your rod three to six inches beyond your window frame.


How long should your window drapes be?

The general rule is that your window drapes should be floor-length. Exceptions include: if there is a radiator; or a deep sill.

Window drapes can come ready-made in different lengths ranges from 64 inches to 144 inches. Even if you have your window and floor to ceiling dimensions from your contractor or architect, still measure from your floor up to where you will be hanging the rod. Round up. Your local dry cleaners can shorten and hem them up, if needed. The current look dictates that your window drapes should touch the floor (or radiator or sill, whichever is there).

Having too short window drapes could ruin the look of your entire room.

You can choose among two alternative approaches to your window drapes length.

  1. Just Touching the Floor (or Sill)

With this alternative, the window drapes fabric should hit the floor or hang half an inch above it.

This is a classic look. It also look tailored, making it seem like your drapes were custom made for your window even if you bought them ready-made.

Go for this look if you will be opening and closing your window drapes a lot. It would be easy to open and close them without sweeping your floor in the process. It would be practical to use this approach for kitchens and bathrooms where grime and moisture easily accumulate.

  1. Extending a Bit

The modern stylish look for window drapes is having them extend to the floor by one to three inches. They give off a relaxing vibe as it flows down, compared to keeping it hanging straight down with the classic look. This still looks tailored and can hide floor flaws especially if you have uneven floors.

You can opt to use this approach for formal rooms or rooms where you would like to have the luxurious feel. You could go for the more exaggerated take of this look by going for an extension of six inches or more, having the fabric pool on the floor. It can look romantic.

Those who do not like the hassle of measuring precisely to the inch the length of from your rod to floor can also opt for this look.

This is a high maintenance look, however. You would have to re-fluff your window drapes from time to time or every time you vacuum or when your pet lies on top of them.

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