Choosing the Right Stair Lift

When choosing a stair lift, one has to take note of the different main factors that revolve around stair lifts. Being able to know the different factors help the buyer make a better choice and have a better investment with a stair lift that gives quality service to the user while showing its value. The main factors to consider when buying a stair lift are:

 Stair Chair Lift

Pinnacle Stair Lift

  • The measurements and design of the house to be installed with a stair lift – If you are thinking of buying a stair lift you should take note of the measurement of the track from the top to the bottom area. Another part to measure is the dimension of the steps (height, width, and tread). Though there are stair lift manufacturing companies that send someone to the buyer’s house to take down the measurements for building the stair lift.
  • The dimensions of the staircase as well as the shape and size – You should understand that a staircase can either be straight or curved. Taking note of this is one of the biggest considerations when trying to choose the right stair lift to install. A straight-rail stair lift is built differently compared to a curved one. Their mechanics are specified for the type of staircase they are to be installed in, so always take note whether yours is straight or curved.
  • Features that come with the seat of the stair lift – Different stair lifts offer a variety of features built into the system, specifically the chair used in going up and down the stairs. The different features included are: Swivel seats which are essential in keeping the user of the stair lift safe. Most stair lifts today have seats that are faced away from the wall and if it doesn’t swivel then the user will have to get off at the top/bottom step putting him at the risk of falling. Another feature is the seat belt. We all know a seat belt is a safety device for the user which must be fastened at all times. If not put on or fastened tight enough, the user may fall off from the chair midway and he may get severely hurt. The last important feature well talk about is controlling the height of the chair. The user must always be comfortable when using a chair so he must be able to adjust the height of the chair to his desire.
  • Expenses as well as the insurance reimbursement – You should take note of the warranty of the stair lift from the manufacturer. A stair lift warranty will differ depending on the manufacturer and the model of the stair lift. The batteries, track, and other components are covered by the warranty.
  • Renting or actually buying a stair lift – To know which is really better, you will want to look around and search for stair lift rentals though they may not be that common. Check out the expenses you will pay and compare. You may incline to purchasing one since you save more in the long run.

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