Consult Water Damage Phoenix Contractors for Flooded AZ Commercial Properties

Commercial water damage contractors affirm that a flooded property can be devastating to its owners. Whether caused by extreme weather conditions or some leakage in the plumbing system, water damage entails costs and other challenges to property owners. Among other things, water can soak the carpets and damage the flooring. They can also penetrate the walls and cause furniture to swell, break, sag, or rust. Prolonged moisture can also cause mold development, rotting, more sever conditions especially if they remain unattended.

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Contractors approach commercial damage as fast as they can because another important consideration is the continuation of business operations. Each day that the business is closed because clean-up and repair procedures are ongoing can be equated to losses or lack of income. No business owner wants to suffer losses from water damage and addressing such problems immediately and in the fastest possible time is deemed ideal. Most commercial water damage contractors will work around the schedule of the business to minimize downtime.

Owners who respond immediately to emergencies can submit claims for coverage to their insurance providers. Most insurance companies look into how timely the jobs are done. If you own property that is insured, a quick check of your policy will reveal that it your responsibility as the owner of the property to take immediate action in case of an emergency.

According to water damage contractors, the key to reducing losses related to water damage is fast response. When water evaporates and is absorbed by the air, it is distributed within the surrounding area. This excess moisture on the walls and ceilings result to secondary damage, which damages increase the cost of clean-up and repair significantly. Development of mold is a common example of secondary damage. Not only does the growth of mold create further problems on property but it also has adverse effects on one’s health. Prolonged exposure and inhalation of mold spores can cause respiratory problems, including coughing, runny nose, asthma, bronchitis, and other serious conditions.

When dealing with commercial water damage, there are certain things that should be done immediately. Primarily, make sure that the source of the overflow is turned off. If you are still able to switch off the main electrical power source, do so. However, if it is clearly unsafe to unplug the power outlets or switch off the electronic appliances as they are within or near the affected areas, it is best to steer clear of the flooded areas and call an expert for help.

Paper products should be removed or transferred to dry areas right away. Wipe or mop as much excess water as you can. Remove everything on the floor, from the carpet pads to the wet rugs. Wet furniture should be removed from the affected areas and the cushions should be propped up to allow even drying. If furniture can be wiped down to get rid of excess moisture, then do so. If the drawers and doors of your cabinets have been affected, open these in order to facilitate more air circulation and decrease drying time.

To help you decide on your commercial water damage restoration needs, it is best to consult a water damage contractor who can provide free evaluations and estimates.


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