Custom window coverings make any home beautiful

Window treatments come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your style is modern or traditional, there are many different types of custom window shutters available to you that will complement your style and offer functional use on the outside of your home.  The first step to selecting the right window shutters for your home is to understand what all of your options are. Shutters are popular for both inside and outside the home, but here we’re going to focus on just shutters that are used on the outside of the house.

Louvered – these window shades are made with the intention of being hung on the outside of your house. The slats are constructed in the typical fashion of most custom window coverings and then they are set into a wide frame. Most louvered shutters are structured so that the slats are positioned at an angle, which allows them to let the air and light filter through them while protecting from harsh sun rays and rain and snow. These are some of the most traditional styles of window shutters available, but they can still be used in a modern style by painting them a bright color that pops.

Raised panel shutters can also be hung on the exterior of the house to create a custom look on the outside of your home. These window shutters are typically more decorative and less functional since they do not have adjustable slats in them. Instead they are solid decorative panels that can be affixed to the windows. These are great for traditional homes and cottages and add an air of quaintness or vintage chic.

Board and Batten shutters are a rustic type of exterior shutter. These shutters are almost always made to order, so if you are looking for custom window shutters then these may be right up your alley. The style of these shutters may want you to cry out “batten down the hatches!” when you see them. They look like reinforced doors for your windows, which might very well be how this style came into its own. Now they are strictly decorative and are made out of individual custom boards that are joined together with a cross board to hold it all together. The shapes and sizes of board and batten shutters can vary depending on the home and window style, so they are a very versatile option and can be designed for any type of home.

Plantation shutters and named because they bring back the old southern manner look. Plantations shutters got their name from the old southern homes that they originally adorned. These types of shutters had wider louvers that were not only a signature part of the southern charm, but they were also functional as well as visually appealing. The larger slats were more effective at keeping out the wind and the rain and also provided a larger degree of privacy to the home’s inhabitants.  Since the South wasn’t known for having very cold winters, the design wasn’t intended to keep out cold weather, but to provide a barrier for wet weather.


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