Dental implants are good choices for people that are missing teeth

Dental implants are used in a variety of situations for people who maybe missing a tooth that they need in order to keep all of their teeth and the correct alignment. Many people opt for dental implants as part of their corrective dental treatment plan that is being carried out with the advice of their family dentist. The process of getting a dental implant takes several visits to your dentist in order to complete and often requires anesthesia, so it is a decision that should be made with the advice and¬†encouragement of your dentist. The best part about dental implants is that once they are complete they look just like a normal tooth. Let’s take a closer look at the function of dental implants.

A dental implant is when a artificial tooth is permanently placed in the mouth. It is very different from dentures because the tooth is actually anchored into the jawbone. A dental implant is a great choice for people that have had a tooth unexpectedly removed from their mouth that was not supposed to be. Perhaps they had an accident that caused one of their teeth to get knocked out, four they have a periodontal disease. Dental implants require little to no extra care once they have been installed in the mouth. You can treat them like you would do regular tooth. In fact, you may forget that you have a dental implant because for all intents and purposes it looks, feels, and acts like normal tooth.

The process of having a dental implant installed is typically at 2 to 3 step process. First the dentist must diagnose you and recommend dental implants. If you have a space ready for the tooth they can immediately proceed to the next step which is installing the anchor into the jaw bone. If the spot the dental implant is intended for is not quite big enough for the tooth, then you must first go through the process of having braces or a retainer put in place to move the teeth around in the mouth to make room for the implant. The dentist will make a mold of the mouth to make sure that the dental implant is the right size, and then they will place the anchor in place in or on the jaw bone. This step is often the most intensive and requires the most recovery time. The last step is to place the artificial tooth in the anchor. They fit the tooth in place and confirm that it matches the color and size of the surrounding teeth.

The synthetic tooth will be just as strong as all of the teeth surrounding it, and should look like a regular to anyone that looks at your mouth. If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants then you should speak to your family dentist to find out if you are a good candidate for implants. The most important criteria is to make sure that your teeth and gums are in good health.

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