Early treatment by an orthodontist can save you hassles down the road

When people think about braces, they probably just envision teenagers sitting in dentists chair. When you imagine orthodontics, you probably do not think too clearly about all the kinds of orthodontia, you just imagine what your experience was like. Unfortunately, this method of thinking does not take into consideration all the other kinds of orthodontic needs there are. Orthodontics is a complex practice, and stepping in earlier rather than later often means saving you lots of money and lots of time down the road. That’s why early orthodontic intervention makes such a difference and why it is so important to make a bold step into your child’s orthodontic future by taking them to the orthodontist before the age of seven. With the right x-rays and the right screening, it is easy take the right kinds of preventative measures to keep your kids on an easier path to the perfect teeth!

What can an orthodontist see when you bring a child to the orthodontist before the age of seven? A lot of things! With the expertise of an orthodontic professional, an orthodontist http://www.garrettsmiles.com/can easily see simply by facial development that there might be issues later on down the road for a child. The orthodontist can then begin solving said problems before they become more problematic down the road. A great example of this is in the circumstance of the upper canine teeth. These teeth tend to get stuck in a certain position or move the wrong direction. If these problems aren’t addressed the right way, the patient often ends up losing permanent adult teeth. Plus, a young patient might have bite problems that are clear at an early age. If they bite more on one side of their mouth than the other, this could lead to TMJ down the road. These are just a few examples of how an orthodontist can step in early on to prevent problems that could haunt your child for years to come. If you are someone who suffers from TMJ, then you know that the disorder is frustrating at best and painful at worst. Don’t let the same things happen to your children!

You might view an orthodontist simply as someone who straightens tooth alignment, but in doing so an orthodontist is truly a lot more than that. An orthodontist is actually a “dentofacial orthopedics” specialist, which means that the trajectory of the bones in your face and mouth can be determined by the kind of orthodontic care you receive. Instead just hoping that your child’s face and jaw turn out to be in alignment, consider focusing your efforts on making sure that this is so. By getting your child in for early treatment by an orthodontist, you ensure that their teeth will indeed get set up in the most ideal way possible. You give them the opportunity to have a dental and facial structure that is not only healthy but looks great too. Get your family in for early orthodontic treatment at Garrett Orthodontics to ensure that your family’s orthodontic care is in good hands from the start!

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