You look at the common man, the everyday man, who wakes up at 7am and goes to work at his common job, surrounded by the normal life and it is comforting to know the average man is doing his thing in the world. It is good to know that the world just keeps on spinning for people like you and I. When you see a movie star or a big time politician in the paper or on TV, you don’t usually thin k of them as being part of the same world that we all live in but every now and then you are reminded that we all suffer from the same human condition.  This is why when I found out that I needed brain surgery; I was amazed to discover that a lot of famous people have had brain surgery too.

Last year I was suffering from some harsh back pain, so went to see the doctor, thinking I was probably going to need a surgery on my back. As it turns out, after many tests were done, the problem was actually in my brain and I was sent to see a neurosurgeon. It all happened so fast, it was amazing to think back to the moment. After a lot of examines, my doctor told me that I was going to have to have brain surgery. I was shocked at first and I was unable to cope with the fact that a group of doctors were soon going to be inside my head.

My doctor was really amazing and he started to inform me more about brain surgery. The most impacting detail of his discourse was that a lot of famous people had undergone brain surgery.  He started to give me a list of all the people he knew of who had already had the same operation I was facing and it turned my whole perspective on the situation, around on its heels.  I soon started to lose all apprehension on the subject of brain surgery, when I discovered that many of my favorite singers, actors, and politicians had been through the same thing I was then going through.  The paramount moment came when I heard my doctor say that the lead actor in my absolute favorite TV series had the same brain operation done the year before. I started to look at the whole thing in a brand new light. I knew it was dangerous but to think that the same people who light up out movie screens had already done it; well let’s just say that night I slept a little calmer.

The operation was a success and I have never felt better in my life. I gained a lot of personal insight and self-confidence from the whole ordeal and now I just love to tell people who ask about my brain surgery, how a lot of famous people they already know, have had the same surgery before me. It just goes to show that you think you know the world around you but it always has a few more surprises up its sleeves.

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