Four things to think about when you’re looking for a truck bed slide. of companies and individuals across the country rely on truck bed slides to do their jobs. If you’re not familiar, a truck bed slide is a piece of equipment that goes in the back of a truck and then it slides out on a pulley system. Usually they’re made up of shelves and cabinets where people can store the items that they need in an organized fashion. They also make it easy for people to find the tool or piece of equipment that they need. Rather than having to dig through the bed of their truck people can simply roll their truck bed slide out and find exactly what they were looking for easily. They boost productivity, minimize frustration, and simply work for electricians, plumbers, cable workers, and really any worker that relies on a truck and tools to do their job.

Of course, knowing that you want to buy a truck bed extender and actually finding a high quality one are two different things. There are more companies that you’d think out there producing these things, and not all of them are doing a very good job. The following list is four things that you should think about when you’re looking for a truck bed slide. If you stick to this list and really consider these things when you’re looking at the different options out there you shouldn’t have too difficult of a time finding a high quality one. If you don’t have time to do your own research and you merely want a suggestion, that company would most certainly be Extendobed.

1. Size. First, you need to be thinking about the size of the truck bed slide. Make sure it’s going to fit snug in your truck and that you’re going to be able to open and close it when you need.

2. Weight. The second thing to think hard about is how much weight you need it to be able to hold. If you deal with lots of heavy equipment then make sure you choose a truck bed slide that can handle all of that weight. The last thing you need is your truck bed slide snapping when you pull it out.

3. Layout. You also need to think long and hard about the layout of any truck bed slide you’re thinking about buying. If you’re a plumber for example, choosing a truck bed slide with lots of small compartments for you to store various parts is a good idea. In contrast, if you work with lots of large pipes then choosing a layout with more space for longer pieces of equipment is what you need to be thinking about. The point here is simply that there are lots of different layout options; choose the one that’s right for the work that you do. The whole point here is being able to find what you need quickly. Choosing the right layout is exactly how you achieve that.

4. Cost. Obviously, compare costs across a number of truck bed sliders before making your final decision.

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