Get to Know All the Features Your Health Club System has to Offer

Many people involved in the management and ownership positions of health clubs and fitness gyms like to refer to the months of November and December as “the calm before the storm”. People are traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, teachers and students are wrapping up the semester, and the season of eating is in full swing during these months. People just don’t have time for the gym until after the New Year, which is why these months tend to be much calmer at gyms and health clubs. January is a game changer, however. gym softwarePeople begin flocking to the gym to start burning off all the pies and holiday candy and start to fulfill their new years resolutions. During the calm of November and December is a great time for you and your employees to get ready for the New Years influx of guests. For your health club, this might just mean that it is time to upgrade the software you are currently using. Switching over to a more advanced gym software system might be highly beneficial.

Most gym software nowadays exceeds functioning as only a check-in system for your guests. There are many more uses that are available for use within the system, and many of these functions are able to increase your volume through marketing strategies. ASF Payment Solutions is a company specializing in gym software for health and fitness clubs all over the nation and are aimed at helping you with your business beyond just selling you a product. Many services offered through their advanced software include a prospect database, attendance tracking, email marketing through reporting, and member referral programs. Here is how all of these features can help you with your business.

Prospect database

Through the computer database, information is analyzed and compared so that you are able to tell where the majority of your guests are coming from and how they were referred to your gym. With this kind of data you will be able to know who your prospective members are, and you can market your services in their direction.

Attendance Tracking

This is a feature that allows the health club software to track each member through the check-in process and come up with an average number of visits for each member. With this information, you are also able to see what elements of your club are working better than others.

Email Marketing

As you sign up each new member, most of the time their email address will be included and then stored in the system. With advanced software holding and tracking information on each members uses, email ads and promotions can be sent out accordingly. If there is a member who clearly prefers to take fitness classes rather than use the weight room, their email marketing can advertise new upcoming classes and even offer discounts that will bring them to your club more often.

Member Referral

Using member referral can really help to bring in new members requiring very little work on your end. With your health club software, this kind of activity will automatically be tracked on each member account. This way, you will not have to worry about keeping track of anything when a new member is referred. The computer software does it all for you!




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