There is no questioning the importance of a good air conditioning system in a modern home. Our Ac systems make life bearable during the winter when temperatures can make life so unpleasant that all we want to do is run home and enjoy are heating and cooling systems. If you live in places like Arizona or Nevada, life without the flow of frosty air form your AC, could be unbearable. In short, we have to have a great AC system for a comfortable life in our homes. On the other hand, homeowners need to realize that there are other ways to help keep your home cool or warm besides the AC alone and that using these other methods will ensure you spend less on your electric bill and that your AC systems won’t have to work so hard all the time.

If you have ever had to call a AC repair company, (and we all have) then they might have told you a few ways to help make the house easier to cool or heat. Companies like www.theacdr.com have to deal with a lot of homeowners with burned out Ac systems caused by overuse. The AC technicians will be the first people to tell you that you can save your heating and cooling systems a lot of work by making the house an easier environment in which to regulate the temperature. You can start out with making sure that your home is not allowing the inside air to escape of the outside air to sneak in. Keeping the external and internal climates apart means making sure your windows are in good shape. If you have old, loose windows with chipped caulk and cracked glass, all the air that your AC is pumping out could be going right out the window. Windows are the number one portal for air to escape out of the house and a giant waste of energy and money. Homeowners should have old windows replaced if they are showing clear signs of ineffectiveness against the weather. Having a few windows replaced or repaired is much cheaper than having your AC running all the time and eventually being forced to call a heating repair service to work on your AC system.

After the problem of old windows, the heating and cooling experts will tell you that keeping doors and windows shut is an obvious way to help protect your heating and cooling systems, but one which is overlooked. Especially in larger houses where a member of the family might open his bedroom window upstairs, while the AC is on full blast down in the living room, you could be losing precious cooling power. The modern AC systems regulate the temperature throughout the entire house, so if you have one area of the home which is not reaching the desired setting, the AC has to work that much harder in all areas of the house. Make sure and tell the family that while the AC is running, all the windows and doors have to be kept shut. Don’t let one little open window turn your house into an air conditioning challenge.

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