Here are the best foods to serve at your sex toy party

Hosting a sex toy party with a company such as Tasteful Treasures is a fun way to gather all of your friends into one room for an evening of enlightenment and laughter. This is also a fun way to learn about all of the new and various sex toys that are out on the market today in a safe and comfortable environment. It is also a way to learn about many more items including adult novelty gifts, various types of lingerie, lotions and creams as well as edible lotions and creams. sex toy party foods

Hosting a sex toy party can be very fun and can be even more fun when choosing to serve some fun and flirty foods at your party. Here is a list of the best foods to serve at your sex toy party.

1. A phallus shaped cake. This cake can be made using a phallus shaped cake pan and can be decorated however you like. It is a fun way to get your guests laughing as they try and choose which part of the pie that they want to eat.

2. A boob cake. To go along with the phallus shaped cake, you can also make a boob cake, which is exactly like it sounds, a cake made in the shape of boobs. Your guests will also enjoy this especially when it sits alongside the phallus shaped cake. Along with this idea, you can also make a lingerie cake, which is a very detailed and classy version of a cake to go along with the boob and phallus shaped cake.

3. Meaty balls. This is a meaty ball recipe that really just involves any type of meatball recipe that is located in a crockpot.

4. Naughty cookies. These naughty cookies are shaped like an upside down heart to look like a butt. You can then use frosting to draw in thongs, strings and other types of underwear.

5. Lip shaped sugar cookies. This is another good cookie idea. Make sugar cookies in the shape of lips and paint them red, pink or whatever color your heart desires.

6. Cocktail weenies. Cocktail weenies are any type of small hot dog recipe that is cooked in a crockpot. These are a big hit at sex toy parties because of the pun on the name cocktail.

7. Penis pops. Penis pops are phallus shaped lollipops that are made of frosting, cake mix, sprinkles and shaped in a variety of sizes.

8. A shrimp cock ring. This is really a platter of shrimp that is placed in a circle. The name is what makes it so great.

9. Sex on the beach cocktails. Along with your food, you will need a variety of drinks or cocktails. Sex on the beach cocktails are great for a sex toy party.

10. Cosmopolitans. As long as your party members are of drinking age, then cosmopolitans are the quintessential sex and the city drink to go along with your sex toy party.

As you can see, there are many different fun variations of foods that can be made to fit the theme of your sex toy party.

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