In this country we have always enjoyed an excellent level of eye care, as we have many organizations working at a national level to keep the standard for eye care practices up. There are also a lot of government funds which are used each year by the country’s top optometry schools, funding research for all types of eye health and vision issues. Recently vision care has gotten even better thanks to new practices which have been developed for better patient treatment. We are going to detail a few of the ways in which vison care has improved in recent years, in terms of both science and the way care is made available.

When a patient walks into a typical optometric office today, the first thing they may take notice of might be that there are several optometrists working together. Eye care providers such as The Meadows family Eye Care have seven optometrists on their staff, and there are other clinics in the area which have even more eye doctors working in the same practice. The current industry standard is to always have several doctors with several different backgrounds of expertise. There is a better chance that any eye problem can be effectively treated when different eye specialist can be consulted about different issues. Optometrists always try and include as wide a variety of different eye doctors as possible in their clinics. People that are interested can find out the specific types of eye specialists that are working together at sites such as, Diversity in the modern optometrist’s clinic is a huge improvement for patient vision care.

Unbeknown to most people, eye infections are among the leading causes for damaged eyes in this country each year, but recent improvements in drugs to treat infections are making common infections much less serious. Viral infections of the eyes are very common and alone they don’t represent much danger however, if the patient has a preexisting eye condition, such as cataracts, a simple eye infection could cause damage to the patient’s vision. The issue of eye infections can be especially dangerous for young children and the elderly, so when they show up at the eye doctor today, the optometrist is going to use new drugs to blast the infection away in almost no time. Advancements made in drugs for treating eye infections might save thousands of people from serious eye damage each year.

Lastly, eye care has also improved greatly because of the simple fact that there are more optometrists today than ever before. The access to quality eye care has never been easier to obtain in this country, as optometry is now listed among the most studied fields in universities across the nation. There have even been a string of new optometry schools which have opened up in response to the heightened demand for optometrists. There are so many new optometrists getting started today that we have witnessed a serious decline in the rates for many basic vision services, which is very good news for patients in need of an optometrist.

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