People that are on the hunt for good offers on custom windows have a lot of options. There are currently nearly twenty thousand window treatment dealers in this country alone, with another fifty thousand dealers from overseas which sell their products through locally based websites such as, and other sites of the nature. The list of where people can search for new window coverings is so long in fact that the search might be impeded by the huge quantity of different possible outlets through which a customer could find their next set of window coverings. In this article we suggest a few ideas for folks looking for low cost window coverings, which we have reviewed out of hundreds of different sources in order to determine which sellers might provide the cheapest deals. It should be mentioned that unless shopper is buying his window coverings through online sources, the price can change drastically from one state to the next. We conducted our own research in the state of Colorado, so while some of the information contained in this article might be pertinent to shoppers from other areas, local sources should also be sought out in order for customers to learn more about their local window treatment options. Just to give an idea of price differences depending on state, the average window treatment was around 20 percent higher in cost in California than it was in Florida in 2015. Prices for window coverings might also change based on how large of aa city the customer lives in, and what the state taxes are like for home improvements items such as window coverings.

To begin with, custom blinds can be found at amazingly low prices if the customer goes directly to the factory. The price of most window treatments bought from local distribution centers is going to be around thirty percent less than those window coverings bought from home improvement stores or local window covering shops. The factory outlets are able to provide the window coverings at cheaper prices because they don’t have to deal with the cost of sales people on their floor, or of the high rent for shops in the commercial zones of the city. People that want to buy from factories should be aware that they will need to provide their own transportation for the window coverings from the factory to their homes, as factory outlets rarely offer delivery services.

Used window coverings have been becoming increasingly popular in our state in recent years. Due to the fact that there are so many people today that are in search of unique window coverings which might not be on the market any longer, a number of used window covering shops have opened. The used window coverings dealers are indeed a great place for people looking for window coverings which not many other people will have, not to mention the secondhand window coverings can often be found at an extremely low price. Sometimes window coverings can be found for half as much when bought through secondhand dealers.

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