How to Measure Windows for Your Custom Blinds

Many stores carry custom window coverings. You can choose from a wide selection ranging from custom shades to custom blinds. While stores do have different selections for you to choose from it is always better to go to the store prepared. This will make transactions go faster.

This means that you have to decide if you will be mounting the covering inside or outside. The advantage of an inside mount is that it is easy to install and attach the custom blinds. An outside mount on the other can create the illusion that the window is longer and wider than it appears to be. An outside mount can also enable you to cover any cracks or damages that are near the window.

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Before you start to measure, be sure to remember these simple tips. Always use a steel measuring tape in order to be more accurate and be sure to round down all measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Finally regardless if they appear the same, measure all the windows.

We start with the assumption that you want an inside mount. When you are ready to measure be sure to get the dimensions for the width and height. Let’s start with the width. This means you measure the window from the left to the right. However you get measurements from 3 areas: bottom, middle, and top. For the final measurement you will use the smallest value of the three. For the height you will measure from top to bottom in three areas: left, middle and right. Similar to the measurement for the width you use the smallest value.

If you are planning an outside mount for your custom blinds, it is a bit tricky. To measure the width you do the same with that of the inside mount but with two differences. First the measurement must be wide enough so as to cover the whole window. Second is that you add an overlap of 2 inches on each side. It is basically the same for the height but you add an additional 3 inches as overlap.

Another difference between an inside and outside mount is that for the inside mount the manufacturers will be the ones to make the necessary deduction to your measurements whereas it cannot be done for outside mount.

This is all assuming that you want everything to be perfect and that there will be no problems when it comes to the installation. The good news is that many stores do not only offer installation but some offer free consultations. At Blind Solutions of Colorado for example, all you need to do is go to their website at

From the website you can schedule a free consultation to help you with your design or you can send any question that may be bothering you. If you have done prior measurements then discussing your design ideas will be simpler and faster. They can also give you more options for you to choose. Remember for the best custom window coverings in Colorado, go to Blind Solutions of Colorado.

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