If You are Considering Paving a Surface, Choose Asphalt.

asphaltCountless square feet of space are paved, in the United States.  There are roads, highways, parking lots, and driveways, and all of them must be paved, somehow.  There are a couple of different ways to pave a surface.  Asphalt is one, and concrete is the other.  Each have their advantages, but asphalt may be the better choice, when it comes to paving, and there are a few reasons why this is the case.  If you are needing to get a surface paved, you really should contact Holland Hurst, as they specialize in paving roads, parking lots, and driveways with high-quality asphalt.

Asphalt and concrete are two of the most widely used materials in construction, especially road, parking lot, and driveway construction.  Both are relatively inexpensive materials, but, in either case, you will need a lot of material, even to pave a small area.  For this reason, you need to seriously consider the cost per unit of each, to make a wise determination as to which is better, for your purposes.  There is essentially only one compositional difference, between concrete and asphalt.  This is because both are made up of sand and gravel, as the base for the material.  In either case, you are simply paving your road, driveway, or parking lot with a large amount of tiny rocks, adhered together, using an adhesive.  It is really only the adhesive that differs between concrete and asphalt.  The adhesive used in asphalt is tar, while the adhesive used in concrete is cement.  These two substances have a few fundamental differences, though they do have many similarities.  The similarities are the fact that they both start out wet, and then have to dry for awhile, before you can walk or drive o them safely.

As for the differences, there are quite a few.  First of all, while concrete is extremely hard and immovable, after it dries, asphalt is a bit softer.  For this reason, asphalt has the potential to become somewhat soft and malleable, during excessive heat.  This is merely the result of the fact that it is made out of tar, and it is not something you need to worry about too much.  On the negative side, asphalt does not necessarily last quite as long as concrete, and it does required resealing every few years, in order to remain intact.  On the positive side, though the refinishing is required, repairing an asphalt driveway is no big deal, while repairing a concrete one is much more challenging and costly.  For this reason, if you do not mind minor work, but would like to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs, asphalt is probably the better choice for your parking lot or driveway.  In addition to being cheaper to repair, it is also quite a bit less expensive to install.  Both the labor and the materials are less costly, so you will save quite a bit, on the total project.  All in all, for those who merely want a functional and good-looking driveway or lot, asphalt is definitely the best option.

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