Window treatment instillation may not be needed for all types of window treatments but if you are dealing with a difficult to install window treatment than springing for the instillation may well be worth it. Before you even start to consider if your new window coverings are of the sort which calls for a professional’s help, you should check out the services offered from the company where you are buying your window coverings, as many companies offer free instillation, or at least a reduced cost for customers who are returning for a second time, or who are buying a considerable number of window coverings. Online at sites like, you can read more about instillation deals or just write to ask about more information about installing your new window treatments. In addition to the many sources of information that you can find on the internet, below we have included a short guide to determine if you will need assistance in installing your new window covering.

Custom shutters are probably one item on the list which might require the help of a pro. There are two main types of shutters; indoor and outdoor. Indoor shutters are somewhat easier to install if they can be attached to an existing window frame, but you will still need to have a high powered drill and some leveling equipment to get the job done correctly. On the other hand, outdoor shutters are much more difficult to install as they are typically anchored directly to the house. A number of things make this job more complicated and a bit dangerous. There may be electrical wiring in the frame work of your home and if you don’t know how to check for that you might be placing yourself at risk of electrical shock. There are some tools sold at home improvement stores which help you to detect the presence of electrical wiring. The other issues is that unless you know exactly what you are doing, you never want to just start drilling into the actual frame of your home, you can cause serious damage if you are not anchoring the screws into the proper area. An outdoor window shutter may also be used for harsh weather conditions or to protect the home from thieves who creep through the windows. If you are not fastening the shutters to the house in the correct manner, the protection they will be able to offer will not be as strong. You can always ask the supplier when you buy your window shutters what they recommend. If you window treatment dealer says you will need some help to install the shutters it is most likely for the best that you get that help.

Blinds and shades are on the other side of the list and can usually be installed by even the least handy of folks. If you already have any kind of window treatment frame up, you probably will not need to do much else than just install the window covering onto the existing runner or frame. Blinds and shades come with all the parts you need for proper attachment and as long as you follow the directions you should be fine.

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