Knowing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are beauty and timeless products which have made their way into many homes today. Many homeowners have sought after Hardwood Flooring due to the traditional look and natural feel that it can bring to a home. This has given to the rise of the popularity of hardwood floors. It is a fact that having hardwood flooring can significantly increases the value of your home which is why many old and traditional homes today that still have their original hardwood floors are sold at high prices.

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If you are thinking about replacing your current flooring with hardwood flooring or you are thinking about building a new home that has a hardwood floor, you first need to understand the strengths and weaknesses when it comes to hardwood flooring. Today, we are going to take a look into that and understand hardwood floors more to really determine whether it will be an ideal choice for you.

1.) Pricing – The price is something that you should always consider before investing in something. When it comes to hardwood floors you will find that they are more expensive compared to other floors like laminate wood flooring. This is because hardwood floors are pure solid wood cut directly from the tree. It is also important to note that the type of tree will affect the price of the flooring. The more exotic the tree, the more expensive the hardwood flooring will be.

2.) Appearance – The appearance of hardwood floors is definitely a big strength. Hardwood floors look very beautiful and they all feature unique patterns gotten from the tree the planks are cut out of. It is because of their appearance that many homeowners want to have Hardwood Flooring. Homes that feature hardwood floors just look luxurious and the feel of the hardwood floor invokes the feeling of warmth and something natural.

3.) Durability – In general hardwood floors have good durability and they can stand the test of time as it is found in many old homes. However, how well a hardwood floor will last depends on factors like the amount of foot traffic in the home, the amount of moisture in the area, and even the exposure of sunlight. The more foot traffic there is, the faster the hardwood floors will wear and tear through dents and recession. If the floor gets too exposed to sunlight it could become damaged due to the UV rays and moisture will only contribute to further damage by causing the floor to swell and become soft.

4.) Maintenance – If you want your hardwood floors to last longer and retain its beauty over time, it is essential to properly maintain it. Now doing some repairs on hardwood floors can be quite challenging due to the fact that hardwood floor planks are one solid piece. Any scratches or dents on the floor can be repaired through sanding or refinishing but any further damages will require the replacement of the planks of the Hardwood Flooring. When this is done, the new planks will stand out because the look of the flooring has been affected by age.

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