Landscaping with custom metal design has never been easier.

Many people take great pride in the way that their lawn looks and is decorated. After all, this is your backyard! This is the place that you spend summer evenings with your family and friends, where you throw the ball around for your favorite pets, where you kick back and get in touch with nature in your own little corner of the world. Your backyard is an important place for you to relax and spend time, and setting it up with the perfect custom welded landscaping accessories is a great way to make your lawn really stand out as something special. In particular, the experts at Denver Welding and Research specialize in custom steel planters and fire pits, designed to encourage that lovely feeling of community in your own backyard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend time around a fire pit on your backyard in the late summer and early fall, when the leaves are starting to turn and it is becoming the perfect time to roast s’mores, perhaps the last s’mores of the season before it gets too cold? This is the reason that a custom steel fire pit is a wonderful way to decorate your yard.

Denver Welding and Research also creates beautiful custom planter boxes to plant your garden in and to protect your garden from unwanted critters. They have designed beautiful boxes that are styled in a “bolt-together” fashion, so that it is easier than ever to design these boxes, transport them to your home, assemble them, and disassemble them at any time. But what is so special about these boxes and the fire pits that Denver Welding and Research designs? They are protected by a special kind of metal known as “corten” or weathering steel so that your flower boxes and your fir pit stay in excellent condition for years to come. The weathering process through which the Corten Steel protects itself is a rusting process. While this seems somewhat counterintuitive, the rusting process actually is very helpful. The rust that Corten Steel produces is not like the rusts that many other metals produce. Indeed, it is a special rust that is not as porous as other kinds of rusts. This chemical composition is crtical, as it slows down the future corrosion process and makes the steel look much nicer for much longer. There are also other kinds of steel furnishings that are available for your landscaping, but this kind of quality is perhaps the best for these particular furnishings. You will find that you get years of enjoyment out of these custom welded pieces.

At the end of the day, whether or not you choose to use custom metal fabrication in your landscaping plan is up to you. Working with the professionals and experts at Denver Welding and Research, however, is a wonderful way to ensure that the welding job you get done is really one that stands out and one that will last you and your family for years. This could not be more important than with a gathering place piece like a fire pit.

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