Medical weight loss clinics do so much more than weight loss

Most people first check out a medical weight loss clinic because they need help with weight loss.  But after that initial consultation, most people come back periodically, not just to check on their weight, but to indulge in the whole host of other treatments and tests endocrinologythey have to offer.  These additional treatments and procedures are meant to complement the weight loss process in one way or another.  But standing alone they are also worthwhile to use just to stay on the healthy side of things.  The following is a short list of additional procedures offered at many weight loss clinics that most don’t know about:

  1. Brain testing.  New technology has been recently released that uses sensors to measure brain waves.  These brain wave measurements can tell the doctors loads about your functioning and development.  The whole procedure lasts about 30 minutes with your head under a cap with sensors that conduct through sterile water.  So expect to get a little wet with this test!  The brain waves from certain areas tell a story of memory, cognitive ability, reaction time, attention level, overall brain speed, and can help diagnose brain disorders like PTSD, anxiety, dementia, depression, or ADHD.  The results of this scan could help you and your doctor determine the best course of weight loss treatment.
  2. Vitamin infusions and supplements.  A common vitamin and supplement infusion the the Myers Cocktail, which is a blend that is especially helpful in treating fatigue, asthma, or arrhythmias.  However, it can help with almost any condition one might suffer from because the body gets a quick boost of vitamins and supplements which in turn gives your immune system a second wind.  These cocktails have been shown to fast-track the uptake of essential vitamins and minerals into the cells, thereby increasing their productivity.  If you are well into your weight loss plan you might be lacking in energy and this cocktail infusion could add a much needed boost.
  3. Aesthetic services.  Once you’ve started to achieve the body you always wanted with the weight loss progression, you may want to treat yourself to some aesthetics.  Many medical weight loss clinics offer things like botox injections, dermal fillers, eyelash lengtheners, and other cosmetic and facial treatments and products.  You can have all of your wrinkles smoothed out, your frown lines filled, your eyelashes extended, and your skin complexion buffed all in one day!
  4. Hormone replacement therapy.  Many older women who have gone through menopause or who are currently experiencing symptoms can lessen the difficulties with hormone replacement therapy.  Hormones have a large effect on weight gain and loss, so an imbalance could largely affect your weight loss goals.  Or, if you are experiencing symptoms of menopause, they could be alleviated with a replacement therapy.  It helps with the hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, mood swings, and sexual discomfort.

All of these procedures and more will complement your medical weight loss journey with a clinic and your medical team.  Whether it is for a treat at the spa or a vitamin infusion to boost your energy levels, any visit to your medical weight loss clinic will always be worth it.

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