Moving Around Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

When you begin to think about moving your possessions into a storage unit, you are usually faced with any number of very personal questions floating around in your mind. ‘How can I get rid of this?’ ‘Oh look! My old homecoming crown.’ ‘I could never part with my old stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear!’ Usually, we can get away with holding onto these special items for a while. They are left in boxes in our parents’s basements, they are http://www.storagedirect.comhidden away in nooks and crannies of a big old house, forgotten to a degree but also very present in our reality. With things like this, it is particularly difficult to know how best to downsize and how best to let things go. The good news is that when you have a self storage unit, you can keep more of what matters rather than feeling a spacial obligation to get rid of all the things that have ties to your past. Perhaps that is the beautiful thing about things. They can be such a beautiful and wonderful way to connect to your past and bring that past into your present and into your future. Maybe it’s an old high school year book or a photo album from when you were a child. Maybe it’s the furniture that was in your parents’s living room for most of their married lives. When you have items like this, you should feel empowered to not downsize, but to “rightsize.” By rightsizing, you make careful decisions about what is important to you rather than feeling constrained to get rid of things simply because you feel you must. Here are a few steps and tips for keeping the most important things and getting rid of the rest:

1. Start with your life essentials: These are always things that you will need and items that you just cannot get rid of. Toiletries, hair appliances, furniture. These are things that you should largely aim to keep in your immediate vicinity. Of course, as with anything, these too can become an issue, but keep to the basics and think first about what you simply have to have.

2. Think about the touchstones of your existence. These are items like memorabilia from your school years, vacation souvenirs, and other items that harken back to monumental experiences in your lives. You should not feel as though you have to get rid of these things. Perhaps the best step here is to truly assess what is important and then organize what you decide to keep to make things simpler. This will also make finding your things in your self storage unit much easier.

3. Now the really difficult part: tackle the memorabilia of your family members who have passed on. These items can get tricky because you feel as though you are getting rid of a piece of someone important to you. Instead, think about the future uses of items that you really cannot justify keeping and the joy they will bring their new owners, just as it brought joy to the previous owner. And remember, if all else fails keeping your storage unit with these items is just fine too!

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