New Blinds or Shutters can Make or Break Your Home’s Appearance.

blindsAccessories make or break your home, in terms of its appearance.  When it comes to accessories, nothing has a bigger impact on your home’s aesthetic than the window treatments.  Window treatments accent the windows and can complement various other different features of your home’s interior.  Blinds are clearly one of the most popular window coverings today, and they have definite practical and aesthetic benefits.  That being said, there are countless other different styles of window coverings to choose from, such as shutters, shades, and sheers.  All of these can be found at Doelling Decorating Center, in Valparaiso, Indiana.  In Northwestern Indiana and the surrounding region, it is, by far, the best choice for high quality blinds and other window treatments.

Of the many benefits of blinds, none is more obvious than their convenience.  Blinds are simple to clean and use, and they do a fairly good job of blocking out sunlight, though there are other window coverings that may provide better light blockage.  Nevertheless, what they may lack in total light blockage, they more than make up for in versatility and practicality.  For one thing, while many types of window treatments do not allow you to adjust light levels very easily, blinds enable you to tilt the slats, which make them up, in order to let in however much or little sunlight you want.  Their unique design also makes it more difficult for others to see into your home, while you will still be able to look out.  As for cleaning, since they are typically made of either wood or vinyl, it is merely a matter of dusting them regularly, using a dusting cloth.  While there are a few different slice brands to choose from, Hunter Douglas blinds are known as the best of the best.

Shades are another stylish option, for covering your windows.  Shades are nice because they offer more light blockage than blinds do, as they are made up of a solid piece of material, rather than many overlapping slats.  Because of this fact, shades are the better window treatment choice for anyone who is very sensitive to sunlight or who likes to sleep during the day.  The downside of this, of course, is the fact that they cannot be adjusted to allow quite so many different levels of light as blinds do, since they do not utilize overlapping slats.  On the plus side, because they can be made of various different fabrics and other vibrant materials, you get a lot more aesthetic versatility.

While shades and blinds are great for those who like to be able to withdraw and deploy their window treatments with a string and pulley, some people prefer window coverings that work a little differently.  One of the best examples of this are shutters, which open to the sides, like double doors.  Shutters are an increasingly popular window treatment choice, and they offer some of the benefits of blinds and some benefits of shades.  Furthermore, unlike either, they can be painted to match your walls and trim.


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