New Home Construction Phases

New home construction phases are the phases in which a house must undergo during the time of construction before it is fully completed and can be lived in by the person or family.

The process of new home construction begins with the planning stage. The planning stage is where the architect (must be approved by the authorities and client to do so) plans out the design of the house. The area where the house is built is then cleared out and the foundations of the house are laid out and trenches are dug. This is where connection systems (water, electricity, and sewage) and build and go through.

New Home Construction

New Home

If the house to be build uses a frame of wood, a frame is built to give support to the roofing, sides, and boards of the house. If the house is to be built out of bricks, then bricks are laid out around which becomes the walls. The flooring beams, and inside walls of the house will not be built until the house is in a later stage of development.

The connections for plumbing, wires for the electricity and water are laid out in the later stages as well. When the main structure of the house has been completed, along with the installation of the light connections and other essential systems and assets, the family or client can choose to have the place furnished and decorate with furniture, fittings, carpets, and curtains according to his desire in taste.

The final stage is what makes the house a home for the person or family as it reflects their own style which cannot be seen in other homes which is really unique to their own.

The phases of new home construction are as follows:

  • Architectural design – The approved architect prepares plans for the design of the house.
  • Floor layout – The foundations and main structure of the house is built.
  • Building code – Final stage additions (decorations and systems) are installed into the house.

During the external construction (main structure) of the house the following process are being done / built and installed into the house.

  • The foundation of the house
  • Support of light-frame structures
  • A set up system for clean water
  • Setting up the electrical systems
  • Developing the building envelope
  • Maintaining the outside walls

Once the external construction is finished, the internal construction of the house is started. This is where additional systems are set up.

  • Housing ventilation
  • Plumbing of the house
  • Installation of Air conditioning system
  • Finishing the electrical connections
  • Setting up the telephone connections
  • Adding a cable connection
  • Adding an internet connection
  • Laying out the insulation
  • Setting up the floors
  • Building the inside walls
  • Building the inside ceilings

When the internal construction is finished, the finishing touches of the house are put through the finishing construction where the family or client supervises to meet his desire.

  • Setting up of cabinets
  • Furnishing the house
  • Decoration of the inside
  • Painting the house
  • Setting up fixtures
  • Getting new appliances
  • Setting up the toiletry


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