Nitrogen tires can make all the difference on your new of pre-owned Acura.

Acuras are excellent vehicles to purchase new or pre owned, especially when you get your Acura from Mile High Acura in Denver. The customer service and options available when you work with Courtesy Acura is simply unprecedented, and they are able to get you the kind of deals and the kind of customer service that you deserve when making a purchase as important as a new car. There are, after all, so many choices out there that you want to be sure that you are getting the very best deal possible. One service that Courtesy Acura offers all of its customers purchasing new vehicles is the addition of nitrogen tires rather than any other kind of tire. This is a different approach than many dealers take, but the folks at Courtesy Acura want you to be equipped with the latest and the greatest in car appliances so that your vehicle is set up to be as powerful and successful as possible. Here are some of the important reasons that you should get nitrogen tires on your new or pre owned Acura, and yet another great for you to get your new Acura from Courtesy Acura.

First, oxygen in tires is not a great choice for a lot of reasons. Making the switch to nitrogen tires can do a lot for the longevity of your tires and for your car itself! When you fill your tires with compressed air, oxygen likes to push through the wall of your tires and therefore causes decreases in the tire pressure in the tire. In fact, a tire http://www.courtesyacura4u.cominflated with compressed air loses from one to three pounds of pressure every single month. This is really hard on your tires, as uneven tire pressure can cause your tires to wear out unevenly. Plus, your car will get poorer gas mileage when you allow this to be the case in your vehicle, making this decision not only harder on your car but also harder on the environment. Using oxygen makes it more likely that your tire is going to fail altogether as well. Blowouts happen much more frequently when your tire pressure is low. Oxygen not only permeates through the walls of the tires, but it is highly destructive when it comes in contact with the rubber in your tires as well as the other materials that constitute your tires. These are all reasons that oxygen has been shown to be harder on your car and worse on your tires than nitrogen tires are.

Nitrogen is better for your tires because nitrogen has a larger molecular structure. This means that nitrogen does not escape through your tire’s walls as easily, making your tire pressure stay higher for longer. In addition, nitrogen is a dry gas. That means that dangerous corrosion inducing moisture build up is effectively eliminated, helping your tires last for longer. Tires tend to last 25% to 30% longer when they are filled with nitrogen, and drivers even reported better handling, steering, and breaking. Nitrogen tires from Mile High Acura are clearly your best choice!

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