Novice guide to Vapor Rigs

After trying one of your friend’s dab rigs, you decided that you needed your own.  However, when you went to buy one, there seem to be so many options you do not know what to get.  Since this is an investment you should be able to you for the foreseeable future, you should arm yourself with knowledge before plunking down your hard earned money.   Most vapor rigs have three parts. There is the glass piece, the nail and the torch lighter that heats the nail.  The nail is the most important part and is made out of one of five different materials.  They are quartz, glass, ceramic, titanium and the e-nail.  Glass is the cheapest because it breaks the most often and does not heat as well as the other materials.  Ceramic is not much better, as it is also fragile.   While titanium will not break, it can be overheated.  This can cause you to burn some of the concentrate.  Quartz cannot be overheated.  However, it cools quickly.  This can lead to wasted product.  If the quartz does not stay heated long enough to vaporize the concentrate, it becomes melted and ruined.  An e-nail, which is relatively new and growing in popularity, are plugged into the wall and allow you to set the temperature to which you would like it to heat to.   Once you determine which type of nail is best for you, you need to then decide if you want a domed dab rigs or a domeless one.  You have to decide whether it is worth the inconvenience of having to remove the dome for each hit.  A domed rig gives you a way to protect yourself against accidentally touching the nail.  This could be an issue should you become really stoned and do not pay attention to what you are doing.  Domed rigs also tend to be smaller, thus allowing for less heating time.  Additionally, domed rigs help hold in the vapors so that you can inhale more vapors.   Another thing you need to look for when it comes to buying a dab rig is how far out the nail sticks out.  The further the better, because it will give you room to heat the nail without heating up the rest of the piece.  It should stick out at least an inch or two. Finally, you need to purchase a torch to light the nail that heats the nail that vaporizes the concentrate so that you can smoke it.  A small butane torch or mini torch is best as a propane torch is way too dangerous and tends to get way to hot too fast.   Be aware that the three pieces are often sold separately and not as a set.  This allows you to mix and match to your preferences.  Ask around and get some opinions from your friends that already own vapor rigs.  Maybe ask to try them out before you go to the store to get your own.  Just remember to return the favor once you have yours in hand.

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