Read about a reliable fire truck and ambulance manufacturer

The manufacturing of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks is a true specialty and individual skill that not all companies have.  That is why there are only a select few companies that perform these tasks and why they are held to high expectations.  One such fire and ambulance apparatus manufacturer is BME (Boise Mobile Equipment).  Boise Mobile Equipment has a staff that is extremely dedicated to engineering only the best emergency vehicles because they understand how important they are to the communities they serve.  They have been providing vehicles for fire, police, and emergency service professionals for several decades and have only been getting better with the years.  The entire staff is dedicated to manufacturing machines that are completely reliable, functional, and that look the part as well.

BME makes primarily individualized machines with the user in mind.  The initial consultation involves a lot of input from the customers to ensure that the machine is going to turn out exactly as wanted.  They pride themselves on their custom designs, top-notch ambulance manufacturercraftsmanship, and extreme durability.  They are also very proud of the flexibility that they offer to each customer, because this is a more rare quality among manufacturers.  But BME understand that this flexibility in design is necessary to create 100% customer satisfaction.  Is your fire department among a rural community?  Are they located in a colder climate?  These things matter during the design stages so that certain functions can be added to the truck that help with function, such as heaters or more rugged tires and undercarriages.  BME makes their trucks perform exactly as they are needed to do so and not any less.  With over 25 years of collective experience among the staff, you can be sure that your newly manufactured machine won’t disappoint but will go above and beyond the needs of the department.  This extraordinary company also refurbishes older models of fire and ambulance apparatuses that are more affordable but don’t have any less the precision engineering that the new custom trucks do.  These are models that were traded in after only a few years of service and are revamped to be at top performance once again.  And because they are only a few years old, their inner functions and device options are still up to date and useful.

The company promise of BME fire is to uphold the highest value in their products and to keep customer value and satisfaction as a high priority.  The collaborative creation of each of their products is also a promise to the customer and something that the staff highly enjoys.  Each new truck design is a challenge to be the best again and again, and they meet those challenges each day.  When you consult with BME for a new truck for your department you can trust that no other company could do a better job and that you will have a custom fire truck or other apparatus that will be dependable, reliable, and will look like a million bucks!


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