Regular Roofing Inspections are a Good Idea.

Few components of your home do as much to protect it as the roof, which is why you should do your best to maintain it. This will save you a lot of money overall, since you will not have to worry about extensive water damage throughout your home. The biggest thing you can do, as a homeowner, in terms of preventing water damage, is get a roofing inspection on a regular basis. There are many issues that can be prevented simply by maintaining your roof, and it all starts with getting it inspected at least once a year. Getting regular roofing inspections is not costly, but it can prevent damage that will be extremely expensive and troublesome to repair. Replacing a roof is relatively easy, but replacing your ceiling and frame is a lot more difficult and expensive.

There are many different ways that your roof can become damaged over the course of a year, but the biggest factor is always the weather. Various weather patterns can seriously deteriorate your shingles and the adhesives that hold them together. Among the worst weather patterns for your roof are hail and strong winds. Both of these forces can dislodge shingles altogether, which can lead to serious leaks. Then, when precipitation comes, you will begin to have water leak into your ceiling, causing rampant water damage. The sooner you deal with a leak, the better, so it is important to identify and respond to them right away. There are a couple of ways to deal with your roof if it is damaged. You can either repair the damaged spot only, or you can invest in replacing the entire roof. You are often wiser to simply replace the whole roof, since the damage is likely more extensive than you might think at first. Not only that, roofs need to be replaced fairly regularly anyway, so it is often a good idea to just do it all at one time. That way all of the roof is consistent. After all, when one portion of a roof has been damaged by the weather, there is a good chance there is more damage elsewhere. This is something that your roofers can advise you on, but it is usually better to replace, unless the roof has recently been replaced and the damage is highly confined.

It is generally recommended that you get your roofing inspected at least once per year, but the timing of the inspection is just as important as the frequency, in some ways. For one thing, there are certain seasons in which most of the damage to your roof will occur. The summer is when thunder and hail storms are most common, which is one way in which roofs can become damaged. Winter, though, is when the biggest and longest lasting leaks take place. Because of this, it is important to get your roofing inspection before winter sets in, preferably in the fall, so it will be after the summer hail storms. This is also the best time to do roof replacement.

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