Senior assisted living has many benefits

senior assisted living

If you are on the fence about whether or not to move to a senior assisted living facility, it is probably because you do not want to lose your independence and autonomy. You have likely spent most of your life taking care of yourself, meaning you cooked your own meals, did your own laundry, cleaned your own house and did your own taxes, paperwork and more. These things became so natural and necessary to you that you could not imagine it being done any other way. Part of the reality of a senior living facility is that many of these tasks would now be taken over by highly trained staff. Initially, this could seem like a bit of an intrusion, especially to someone who considers themselves to be very independent, but once you think about all the ways that this could actually make your life easier and more enjoyable, you will start to see that it could in fact be the right decision for you to make.

For example, in the years of taking care of yourself, you have likely not had time to do all the things you wish you could do like read for pleasure, learn a language, draw, sew, knit, play chess or cards or even take naps in the middle of the day. All of these things seemed like luxuries you could not justify because there was always something more important to do like cleaning or other chores. Now, however, with a staff to take care of the chores for you, you can certainly pick up a new hobby or two, finish a few books a month and even hone in on a skill you had abandoned long ago like painting or playing the piano. The fact that you could do all of this without guilt is a reason why memory care assisted living facilities are a great choice.

In addition, you will be able to make a bunch of new friends at a senior living facility. As people age, it becomes much more difficult to meet people and make new friends and relationships. This is usually due to the fact that people are so busy with other responsibilities that they do not make time for themselves to have a robust social life. Again, with these responsibilities taken off your plate, as well as the plates of the others who live in your senior assisted living facility, you will have plenty of time to make new friends and foster new relationships. Since there are so many activities to do in a senior living facility, you and your new friends will have many things to do together, which will help you get to know each other better. This will provide hours of fun and laughter, both of which are two of the most important ingredients of self-care, mental health and overall well-being.
Even if the idea of moving into a facility seems strange at first, think of all the ways your life could be more fun. Your quality of life could increase simply based on the fact that you can fill your time with things you love.

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