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Plastic surgery is something that does not get discussed all that often, yet most people are very aware that it exists in our culture. In fact, as technology continues to improve, having work done has never been more affordable and more and more people are getting down with the plastic look.Denver Face Lift

When it comes to minor plastic surgery of the face, there is one doctor that really knows his business. Dr. Jeffrey Raval with Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics has been operating out of Denver since 2001 and over the years has received numerous awards for his work in rhinoplasty, facelifts and Botox. His successful practice, Raval MD offers a great deal of services for those who are looking to have slight adjustments made to their face and surround area.

Surgical Procedures

Rhinoplasty – this is usually a necessary surgery if you suffer from severe breathing problems due to a disconnect in the bridge of your nose. During this procedure, the doctor is able to go in without having to disassemble much in the process and bridge the gap that is causing the breathing problems. It will open up the nasal cavities and allow for much easier breathing later on after recovery.

Facelift – This procedure generally creates a more youthful appearance by literally unfastening the skin on the back of the face, where it is tightened and stapled back into place behind the ear. This tightens the face, which gets rid of a lot of unwanted facial lines caused by sun exposure and aging skin.

Eyelid Lift – many people tend to experience drooping eyelids over the years and some folks have a harder time seeing properly due to such a droop. The way the doctor deals with this is similar to the facelift method, only it involves the skin directly over the eyeball.

Chin and Cheek Augmentation – In this procedure, the doctor actually scrapes away cartilage in the chin or in the cheeks in order to shape the face to a more desired shape. This can be an extremely painful procedure and the recovery time tends to be a bit longer than many of the other facial surgery methods.

Brow Lifts – Think about facelift, but multiply the intensity times 5. This procedure requires much more of the lifting process in order to physically pull the brow back enough to create the desired effect.

In Office Procedures

Botox – If you are looking for a quick method to eliminate facial lines and crows feet around the eyes, Denver Botox might be the right answer for you. Dr. Raval has treated patients with this method in Denver more than any other procedure.

Dysport – this procedure is very comparable to Botox, only slightly less known by the public and the prices can vary.

Raval MD also offers a great deal of skin care, both creams and scrubs that are proven to give your skin a more youthful glow after using. If you are interested in finding out more, schedule a consultation to visit with the doctor or visit


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