Brain surgery is now one of the most popular areas of specialized medicine in the country, but just fifty years ago there weren’t even schools that dedicated their resources to brain operations alone. Doctors have always been exploring how to operate on the brain ever since the birth of modern medicine, but until recently the task was left up to general physicians. The idea that a group of doctors should dedicate their entire career to working with the brain was probably strange because the technology which existed in the past was not advanced enough to allow for many different courses of action when it came to operating on the brain. Today, neurosurgeons are specialized doctors that dedicate their entire life to discovering the mysteries of the human brain and how it can be operated on. Neurosurgeons have been able to advance discoveries made in the last few decades which show potential for curing come of the most problematic and common problems that the human brain may face.

Another interesting fact about brain surgery is that it is not often down without opening the head at all. In major neuro clinics such as,, the science of modern brain surgery has started moving away from opening the head up in order to operate, and begun to use tiny instruments which are inserted through the nose or ear, in order to perform major operations. The main difference today is that there are now electronic maps of the brain which indicate exactly where the problem in the brain is, and allows the doctors to use the tiniest of tool in order to reach the problem areas. The obvious advantage of performing brain surgery without making major openings into the head is the faster recovery time for patients, as well as the lower levels of risk during the surgery. Many neurosurgeons predict that in the near future science will allow doctors to operate on the brain using nothing but lasers, making the operations even less invasive and safer for the patient.

Most people would be surprised to learn the huge number of different conditions that are treated through brain operations. People think of a brain surgery taking place when an individual has tumor, or has suffered some trauma due to an accident, in fact the majority of brain operations are not due to either of these issues. Neurological problems resulting in problems which a person is born with are the number one reason for brain operations today. Patients that are born with speech or hearing problems can often be helped through a brain operation which corrects the damaged area of the brain. Brain operations are increasingly used when people have emotional disorders as well. Many doctors have begun to realize the amazing potential that brain operations may hold for people with a wide variety of different emotional issues. Most recently, a doctor in Japan has been making serious advancements in the battle against common depression through the use of minor surgical operations on the brain. The future of man’s mental health may rely on surgical operations of the brain.



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