Amazingly, there were around five million spine operations performed in this country alone last year, and as the data for operations from many other nations is not readily available, it is hard to estimate how many operations may have taken place worldwide, but the number probably reaches the tens of millions. In this article we look at the reason behind the increase number of spine operations that are going on today, and we also examine the positive aspect of the increased frequency with which spine operations are taking place.

People are no longer willing to just live with pain which people in the past may have felt they had no other choice but to deal with in their lives. Indeed, as we progress as a people, the importance of comfort in life is always on the rise. The idea of the macho man that bears all pain as it comes and does so with a smile is all but a memory of the past. Today’s people want to feel healthy in their body and their mind, and they are willing to address any issue they may have with their physical health. New pain treatment clinics have begun to emerge all across the nation which are dedicated to deal with all sorts of pain issues people have to deal with, and one of the most popular of those being back pain. A local clinic, www.bnasurg.com, treats around ten thousand patients a year, and that is just one clinic among many others. If a person sufferers on a daily basis from serious back pain, then they are much more willing to address the problem than they may have been in the past, and that is one of the major reasons why certain types of treatments, such as spine treatments are on the rise.

The fact that newborn babies that suffer from spinal conditions can now receive treatments is another cause for the rise in the number of spine surgeries which are being performed around the country. In the past it was very hard for back specialist to diagnosis and adress spine issues in babies, which meant that they were likely to grow up and have to undergo lengthy spine treatments later in life. Thanks to leaps made in technology, doctors are able to spot potential spine issues in new born babies and often times intervene before the problem is able to get worse.  The miracle of treating a newborn baby’s medical problem right at the start of their lives is an amazing gift to the world, as doctors are able to prevent a lot of suffering from the child in the future. Interestingly, doctors today are trying to find out how they may be able to take the process a step further and spot back issues that are developing when the baby is still a fetus. If doctors could one day make adjustments in the baby’ s developmental process before birth, the need to perform spinal operations may one day no longer exist.

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