The 5 Great Advantages of Blinds

There are many different window treatments available for you to choose from. You can use curtains, shutters or drapes. Of the many different types available in the market, one good choice would be to go for blinds. Here are 5 reasons why you should do so:



1. Light control – Out of the many different types of window covering, blinds are the best when it comes to light control. You can choose to have all the light enter the room or even just a part of it. When putting it up you can fit the slats tightly if you want no light to enter the room. Take your bedroom for instance. If you want to sleep longer and not be woken up by the sunlight then just close them tightly. Otherwise if you want to feel that early morning light then you can open them fully or even halfway.

2. Privacy – Unlike the other options, blinds are able to give you the level of privacy that you want. You want people for example to see you having a party in the living room but not in the bedroom while you sleep? That is not only possible but easy as well. You can even enjoy some amount of privacy and at the same time allow light to enter the room.

3. Aesthetic Options – As with other window treatments, it also comes in different colors, patterns and styles. Thus it enables you to create the perfect appearance in relation to the room you are putting it in. You can even choose from different sizes to match the size of the window. If you want it to be safe for your children as well as your pets there are cordless versions available.

4. Material Variety – Aside from the colors and patterns, there are also different types of materials that you can choose for your blinds. This means you can vary the type you want depending not just on the style but also on how much you can afford. Say your dining room has mostly wooden furniture then you can match your blinds and get wooden ones. If the wooden types are way over your budget then try faux wood. The price is a bit lower but it still serves the purpose. That’s how versatile it is.

5. Maintenance – Unlike other window treatments, blinds are the easiest when it comes to maintenance. At the very least, when it accumulates dust, you can simply use a feather duster or a vacuum. Compare this to curtains for instance where you have to change it regularly and you also need to be careful in cleaning it as curtains also have the tendency to fade in terms of color.

So there you have it, the 5 reasons why you should this type of window covering. To know more, go and visit Fine Shadings & Decor. If you don’t have time, just log-in to the net and go see their website at If you’re looking for blinds, you won’t be disappointed.

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