The Different Types of Materials Used in Metal Roofing

When it comes to roofing, you will want to choose a type of roofing that can really satisfy your needs and provide the best protection from the elements possible. A popular option that is very durable and long lasting is Metal Roofing. What makes metal roofing a great option other than its life span and strength is that is reflects radiation heat from the sun keeping temperatures inside much more comfortable during hot days. In addition, metal roofing is very lightweight especially compare to tile roofing and working with it during installation is fairly quick and easy.

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metal roof piece

Metal roofing really is a great option to go for if you are looking into different roofing options for your home. Take note however, that metal roofing comes at a higher price up front, but this doesn’t matter considering how long metal roofs last compared to other roofing options. If you are going to go for metal roofing you will find that there are also different types based on the material used as “metal” isn’t really a specific term. Different materials can have different price points and qualities so let’s go take a look at them.

  • Steel – The most common material used to make metal roofs, steel is a heavy but durable metal. Manufacturers of steel roofs make use of certain finishes and coatings in order to provide a protective layer over the steel keeping it from rusting and corroding. Most often the steel receives a zinc coat and then gets sealed.
  • Aluminum – Compared to steel, this material is very lightweight. The good thing about aluminum is that it isn’t susceptible to rust but manufacturers still give it a coat of paint in order to make it look better. Since aluminum is a soft metal, Metal Roofing made of it can easily dent.

While steel and aluminum are the conventional metals that are used to create metal roofing, they aren’t the only metals used. The reason why steel and aluminum are common is because they are cheaper compared to other metals. The other type of metals used in the creation of metal roofing are actually quite high end and aren’t as common compared to steel and aluminum roofs.

  • Copper – Copper is a metal that has been used for centuries for its beauty and practical uses. The great thing about copper is that just like aluminum, it will not rush and doesn’t need a finish that can easily peel off or get scratched. Copper becomes more beautiful over time as it develops a verdigris patina. The only downside? Copper is very expensive.
  • Alloy metal roofing – This type of metal roofing is engineered to be stronger and also resist weather and be durable. The exact cost of alloy metal roofs really depends on the metals that go into the creation of the alloy but in general, alloy metal roofs are more expensive.
  • Stainless steel – Metal Roofing made of stainless steel are preferred for their immunity to corrosion and rust but it does come at a higher price. With a coat, stainless steel can have a beautiful matte finish.

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