The ductless heat pump is the wave of the future.

http://www.bluerepairheatingandair.comIf you’re older than fifteen then you’re old enough to know that things change on a regular basis. Cars are made to be more fuel efficient, homes are made to be more energy efficient, phones are made smaller, phones are made bigger, laptops shrink and grow in size, new social media platforms emerge and more. Humanity is constantly developing new products, improving existing ones, patenting inventions and ultimately trying to make life more enjoyable. Companies are constantly looking for ways to make their products more appealing to the mass, identifying ways in which they can turn an ever-larger profit. The bottom line is that things change over time. While you’re absolutely fine sticking with your old phone, you do so knowing that you won’t have access to many of the features and technologies that people who upgrade will. It’s alright if you want to keep your home as it is, but you do so knowing that you could be saving money on your energy bill every single month.

One new invention that appears to be the wave of the future is the ductless heat pump. A ductless heat pump is a piece of equipment that goes in a room and generates heat for the room. Traditional heating systems have a heater located in the basement, attic or outside of the home that pumps warm heat into a system of ducts. The heat then travels through this duct system to the various rooms of the home. The problem with these old systems is that they’re incredibly energy inefficient. This is true for two primary reasons. First, the ducts often have small holes or cracks in them, so much of the heat that the heater is generating is lost in the walls of the home. The heater thus has to work harder to generate enough heat to get the thermostat to where the homeowner would like it. Second, they have to heat a much larger space than people are typically in. For example, a traditional heating system will heat the whole home even though you spend most of your time in the living room or your bedroom.

A ductless heat pump resolves both of these issues by only heating the room that people are in. If they want their bedroom to be warm when they leave the living room to go to bed, they can turn the heater on in that room as well, but they don’t have to waste a ton of energy heating a space that no one is occupying. In line with ductless air conditioning, they are also much less expensive to install than a traditional heating system. Homeowners don’t have to spend thousands of dollars creating a duct system, but rather can buy the ductless heating unit and their costs are done. They’re also great for homes that have already been built without a duct system, as the units won’t require any knocking down of walls or major renovations. Speak with the team at Blue Repair. They’ll be more than happy to explain to you the benefits of a ductless heating system and how quickly one could be installed in your home.

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