The Evolution of Hardware Stores

Technology has drastically changed the way people live in the last 20 years than in the last 200 years. More things can be done in a day today than in a day 50 years ago. Life may be lived in a faster pace now and buying habits may have changed, but some things are still done in the tradition of trust in a brand or the store from where one buys it. Hardware stores enjoy that tradition to this day, because
the element of trust is still very much a significant factor when choosing the hardware store to buy from.
In this day of reality TV and home make overs, single-dweller households, small-space challenges and greening the home and the planet movement; hardware stores have to keep up if they are to cater to the evolving demands of a fickle and varied market. Do-it-yourself products have taken the market by storm, where practically everyone can experiment with household tools to make small pieces of
furniture and furnishings.

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For them, a trusty hardware store like Sullivan Hardware & Garden is like a candy shop filled with all the possibilities of creating and recreating their homes into display pieces of creativity. Sullivan Hardware, like most successful hardware stores, is one steeped in tradition where they serve their customers just as enthusiastically as they have over 50 years ago when they opened their first store. They have, in keeping with the times, sell tools that are very much in demand today as well as those preferred by older generations. There is practically something for everyone in every generation at Sullivan’s.

The good thing about having the years to support a good name, is that they become authorities or experts on the hardware tools they sell. One can go inside and get good advice and the best fit that would balance their expectations on quality and their buying capacity. They help bridge the gap between reality and potential for the home ideas of their customers. A clear proof of this is the rising
popularity of home make over shows on TV and it is amazing how a hardware store can sell tools that bring about so many possibilities.

Hardware stores have become the mecca of interior designers, architects, engineers, and just about anyone who wants to redo their homes into something close to those featured in design magazines at the most minimal cost possible. It is no longer just a place to go to when something in the house needs to be fixed, it now is a treasury of ideas and tools that can spell the difference between having a dump to a fashionable crib for a home.

And just as the times call for, Sullivan Hardware is local store with an online presence. They understand the changes in the market not only in terms of products, but also the changes in the buying habits of customers. They did not resist the change brought about by technology, instead they embraced it by making their hardware store available online. It is no wonder that they are not a hard-sell.

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