When looking at the things which separate the traditional dentists from the dentists that works in the emergency dental field, we have to look at the structure of the emergency dental agency. Emergency dental clinics such as,, are unlike regular dental clinics because they don’t have a set client list. Regular dental offices have a certain number of patients that they see on a regular basis. New patients are only taken in if there is an opening because a former patent has stopped coming in. The Wohram Dental Group on the other hand, will accept new patients at any time, and they don’t have a set number of patients they can receive. If a dentist is able to see a patient, the patient will be attended to, no matter if they have seen that dentist previously or not. The flexibility with which emergency dental clinics run their business is the first defining feature between the two different types of clinics.

An emergency dentist has to be good at dealing with situation without planning. A regular dentist has the luxury of being able to take several x-rays and study the patient’s case before deciding on the proper course of action, whereas an emergency dentist has to act quickly. Emergency dental situations often leave no time for long speculations concerning what the best move is to take for each oral health problem. Emergency dentists have to be prepared to ask fast, as soon as there is a problem detected, and to know exactly what the best route is to take instantly. It might be said that emergency dentists are better suited for high pressure work situations than other types of dentists, and they often better suited at making quick decisions.

Dentists that work in emergency clinics work outside of their office more than regular dentists. A traditional dentist’s office is not going to send a dentists and his assistant to a home when there is a dental problem, they will always require the person to come into their office. An emergency dentist not only is sued to working out of the office, many of them actually prefer it. One of the most common reasons why dentists state that they chose the emergency dental field is because they like the fast paced work which requires them to operate in different places. Many dentists find that working in a clinic year after year can become very difficult, and that they end up seeking the more stimulating environment that comes with working outside the office in different locations. Along with the change of scenery that comes with being an emergency dentist, there are also some financial benefits that are eared from working outside the office. Due to the fact that emergency dentists often have to travel to a patient’s home to give treatment, they can charge up to three times as much for the same procedure than they could from their office. The patient’s insurance company still covers the costs, so the situation isn’t usually a problem for anyone involved.

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